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I Love the Internet Reason #295,847 – Cats get Photoshopped into the Original Jurassic Park

Here is the link to the full album on Imgur, below are some of my favorites. 



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The Guy Who Proposed To His Girlfriend At Someone Else’s Wedding Needs A Lesson In Proposal Etiquette

LocalMany girls dream of the day they will be proposed to. A photo of one proposal has gone viral–and many seem to think it’s every girl’s nightmare.

The photo was posted to Reddit. It shows a man getting down on one knee in front of a couple at their wedding reception.

The viral proposal brings up wedding etiquette and whether or not it is appropriate to propose on another couple’s big day.


Most stuff that people freak out about online is an overreaction, but I’m with the masses on this one. You don’t propose to your girlfriend at someone else’s wedding. Once your over the age of 10, there’s really only one day that is all yours. Your birthday is no longer that big of a deal, so if you do get married, that’s the one day everyone else caters to you. This guy literally had 364 other days of the year to propose, but he had to do it on this couple’s wedding day. Maybe he should’ve just waited until someone died and done it at a funeral. Even that wouldn’t have been as bad. I’m sure some sob story will come out from this guy about how special this day was and blah, blah blah. You messed up, buddy. And thanks to the internet, everyone knows it.

– Ryan

Dennis Quaid Does Not Like It When Crew Members Disrupt His Train Of Thought

Well then. Apparently you don’t disrupt a scene when Dennis Quaid is trying to act. The initial response to this is that it was a prank, and it very well could be, but I have a feeling it isn’t. If this is a prank, then Dennis Quaid really is one of the best actors of our generation, because he loses his shit here. I doubt Jimmy Kimmel or someone would set up prank where he calls so many people a dickhead or a pussy, but I guess you never know. I’m just glad to see that Randy isn’t the only Quaid hanging on by a thread. Somebody get Dennis Quaid a Xanax before he kills everyone on that set.

– Ryan

This Lion King Inspired Pizza Sign Is THE Best Sign You Will See All Day, Month, Year, Ever


This picture was originally shared back in December on Reddit and it’s sincerely one of the most creative signs at a restaurant I’ve seen in quite some time. First off you have the Lion King reference, which hits people in the nostalgia bone 10 out of 10 times. Then you take the iconic Rafiki/Simba scene and turn it into restaurant magic. I love this sign, and I want to know where it is so I can drive or fly or run there and buy some pizza. I don’t care if it tastes like dirt, this establishment deserves my money.

– Ryan

Matt’s 1,000th Post – Homeless Man Catches Fish With Rocks


If you had asked me, when I put my first post on this blog, what would be my 1,000th post I would be lying directly to your face hole if I said “A GIF of a homeless man throwing rocks at fish”. But now, 999 posts later, I have reached the pinnacle about what this blog, and GIFs in general, are all about. Check out this urban, homeless, MacGyver just beaming fish off the temple with giant rocks. I’m not even sure those things constitute as rocks anymore…maybe boulders. Rocks are something you skip across a calm pond on a cool summers morning, boulders are things you throw at sea creatures to fill your gullet. What does this man do with the fish once they are in his shopping cart? Eat them raw? Because I know for damn sure that the homeless man who throws heavy objects to catch fish sure has HELL hasn’t discovered fire yet.

Keep doing you. I hope the rivers of your life are filled with bountiful fish and that your boulders fly straight and true…..Either that or I hope you find a fishing rod.


Pizza Rescuer, We Salute You

We Salute You

A cheese pizza knight…

Harmless water fight to you and me, right? Wrong. Look at the table. Covered in full-sized pies. Not only are people going to get wet, but the food will be ruined! Nobody likes a soggy slice of pie. Enter our crusty, cheesey savior. She immediately steps into action throwing her own safety to the wind and grabbing as she can carry. Thanks to her when the great water fight of 2014 comes to a stop, slices will be waiting for everyone. She is the hero those people deserve, but not the one it needs right now. She’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A cheese pizza knight.


This Dog is the Definition of Casual

This dog(Stella), reinventing the sitting game for all other dogs, is the Tesla of its generation. Just wait until dogs across the country, and world, get a hold of their masters iPad and check out Stella just schooling them in the sitting game. They are going to feel two things. 1. Stupidity for sitting any other way and 2. pure unaltered jealousy that Stella did it first.

Will this work for humans? Stay tuned for a Vine.


Nothing Like My New Favorite Animal To Start Your Friday Off Fantasticly

I was worried Friday was going to drag along today. Then I watched this GIF 245 times and now I’m ready to take on the universe.  And by take on the universe I mean sleepwalk through work and drink a bunch of beers later.

– Ryan

H/T Reddit 

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