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Math is Hard – Lowry and DeRozan Argue About Numbers

I’m not going to sit here and pretend i’m a rocket scientist. I’m awful at basic math and I have what can be best described as a “loose” grasp on the english language. I might not be able to do long division, but I know funny, and Kyle Lowry calling out DeMar DeRozan about math is FUNNY. We all knew what you meant, DeMar. You didn’t mean “1 of 3”, Lowry caught you slippin’, plain and simple. The way he played it off though, that’s some masterful shit. Don’t backtrack, just plug forward. Luckily, DeMar’s ability to do math has nothing to do with the success of this basketball team. Raps are on a hot streak right now (granted, the East is like JV compared to the West).

It is coincidence that Drake hasn’t been at any games recently?



I think not.


Drake Introduces the Toronto Raptors During “Drake Night”

I will admit, I was the first person on the hate wagon when it came to Drake and the Toronto Raptors, but after watching the intros he gave to the starting lineup of the Raps last night, I am down with Drake being the unofficial/official mascot of his hometown team. Get after it, Raps! #WeTheNorth


DeMar DeRozan Takes No Days Off!

Not even a semi-severe injury can keep DeRozan off the court and without his team. After back-to-back wins, DeMar was with fellow teammate Kyle Lowrey and was asked to do the interviewing. That’s the kind of energy DeRozan brings to your team. The “oh hell yeah i’ll do this interview”. Just needs to get better with putting the mic where people are talking. Can’t be great at everything I suppose. Can’t wait to have him on the other side of mic and of my fantasy bench!



Anyone Have a Spare Set of Ankles That Luol Deng Could Have?

After enjoying his breakout season last year, DeMar DeRozan looks like he is coming out of the gate HOT and primed for another stellar season. Dropping 30 in a loss to the Heat is nothing to be ashamed about. The future is bright for this young Canadian baller. See you Wednesday night in Boston, DeMar!


It’s Official, I Hate Drake


I know this is a few days old but I wanted to think long and hard before I used the H word on Drake. I like his music. He was funny on SNL. But outside of performing he just sucks. Where was Drake before this game that he needed to 1. bring a lint roller and 2. actually use it. Does he volunteer at a cat shelter in his spare time? Did he get into a fluffy pillow fight with one of the thousands of friends he has and the pillow got ripped and feathers floated all over his pants? The number one reason I hate Drake is because he disguises a trip to his hometown basketball team’s playoff game as being a true fan when in reality it’s all about him. If he was going to the game to root on the Raptors, he wouldnt sit front row and bring a lint roller. He wants everyone in the world to see his stupid face and to let you know he’s better than you with his gold chains and expensive shirts and lint rollers. Well I’m going to proudly walk around with my lint covered clothes in protest. That’ll show ’em.

– Ryan


The Raptors GM is Going to Get His Whole Team Murdered by Kevin Garnett

The Raptors and Nets are headed to the Barclays Center with their series tied 1-1, and Kevin Garnett has sent out a not-so-welcoming message to his neighbors from the north.

“I don’t know if you can say ‘F Brooklyn’ and then come into Brooklyn,” Garnett said Tuesday. “So we’re about to see what it’s like.”

The comment — a reference to Raptors GM Masai Ujiri’s cursing of Brooklyn prior to Game 1

Not a good move by Ujiri. You don’t insult the city of the most intense NBA player of all time and expect to get away with it. You just don’t. KG had those words, “F-Brooklyn”, floating through his head on both road games just waiting till you stepped into his domain to unleash hell. Expect head smashing, loud swearing, intimidating looks, and then the murdering of all Raptors players right on the court. He has been in Brooklyn for less than a year and he already wants to kill for his city.


We The North – Go Raptors, Go!

There is nothing in the world like a good playoffs pump up video and this one for the Raptors 2014 playoff push is no different. Smash on them Nets and send them packing! The Raptors of old are back in a big way!


The Purple Dinos are Back! And I’m not Talking Barney

This video is giving me the tingles! These are the Raptors that I grew to love back when I first started watching the NBA. Can’t wait to see these jerseys come back for the 20th anniversary. These Celtics are my home, but I will always have a place for the black and purple!

Lets storm HARD into the playoffs!


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