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Russel Wilson Has Been Drafted By The Rangers. In Other News, The MLB is Making Me Feel Horrible About Myself


Though there’s certainly no indication he plans to switch sports any time soon, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was selected off the Colorado Rockies’ minor-league roster by the Texas Rangers during Thursday’s MLB Rule 5 draft.

Wilson, who played second base, was taken twice during the MLB amateur draft — once in 2007 by the Orioles before opting to attend college, then as a 2010 fourth-rounder by the Rockies. He played two seasons in Colorado’s minor-league system, one with the short-season Class A Tri-City Dust Devils and another with A-ball’s Asheville Tourists. –

Great! Not only is Russel Wilson the QB of one of the best teams in the NFL, but he was recently drafted, again, to the MLB. Wilson, a very good baseball player at the Collegiate and minor league level, decided he would trade his glove and bat for a helmet and football in last years NFL Draft. But that doesn’t stop the MLB from drafting him. Classic case of RGR (Rich Getting Richer) and MWTKH (Matt Wants To Kill Himself). Sitting in my doctors chair getting my toenail tore out yesterday is probably that farthest anyone has ever been from getting drafted into a professional sport.


This Pictures Worth 1 Million Words

If a normal picture is worth 1 thousand words, then this is worth 1 millions word.  In case you are a bit slow this weekend the guy in the middle of Fred and George Weasley is Jason David Frank (JDF).  Still not realizing the magnitude of this picture? Jason David Frank happens to be Tommy from the Power Rangers TV show and Movies (White/Green Ranger).

JDF is very active on Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram! Go and give him a follow, he meets some interesting people in his travels. For example the picture below of JDF and The Shield!




Skydiver Owns Ball Player

I can barely catch a pop fly as it is, the last thing I need is skydivers smashing into me while i’m playing right center. This has to be a planned attack, right? A trained skydiver* is supposed to have perfect control over his landing; no way he hits a guy with all that open real-estate in the outfield . This “skydiver” must have beat up the real skydiver, took his clothes and parachute, and did a rogue jump aiming for this defenseless ball player.  Some kind of James Bond shit if you ask me. I will never look at the skies the same way again while i’m playing softball.


PS – A Trained skydiver* looks like this:

PSS- I tried finding a picture of Tommy from the Power Rangers Movie with his sky board for this, but Google images let me down…again.

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