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Here’s What We Learned From The Stone Cold/Vince McMahon Podcast Last Night On The WWE Network

Stone Cold held a live podcast last night after Monday Night Raw on the WWE Network with a special guest, Vince McMahon. It ran about an hour and 10 minutes, and it was one of the best interviews you’re ever going to see. Vince answered every question¬†Stone Cold threw out there, including a few that Vince has never addressed publicly before. If you didn’t watch it yet, you can here. If this doesn’t entice you to sign up for the WWE Network, then nothing will. Here are some notable tidbits:

Today’s superstars aren’t ambitious enough – Stone Cold asked Vince why he thinks there is a lack of star power in today’s WWE, and Vince said that compared to Stone Cold’s era, the guys and girls just aren’t ambitious enough, and don’t “reach for the brass ring.” He thinks that will change with guys like Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, as well some superstars in NXT.

He hopes to work with CM Punk again – Vince started off the CM Punk conversation with an apology to Punk concerning Punk getting the paperwork stating he was fired on his wedding day. Vince said that when situations like this happened in the past, he was able to work something out with the superstars, but once the lawyers get involved, it’s bad news. He said Punk getting the paperwork on his wedding day was purely a coincidence. Austin went over the time he left the company, and how Jim Ross played the middle man and got Vince and Stone Cold to sit down and hash things out. Vince said there is no such person to do that with him and Punk, which is part of the reason he still isn’t back.

Cesaro still doesn’t have ‘It’ – Stone Cold is a huge fan of Cesaro, and asked Vince why Cesaro hasn’t gotten his big push yet. Vince feels Cesaro is a world class athlete and great in the ring, but still lacks the charisma and verbal skills needed to get to the next level. Stone Cold questioned the booking of Cesaro following WM 30, and Vince stated they haven’t given up on him yet, but haven’t found the right spot to push him yet either.

Ending The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania – Vince was the one who made the call. He talked about how unselfish The Undertaker is, and how he wanted to give back to the business. Vince looked down the line at the next few WrestleMania’s and didn’t see anyone who would benefit from a victory over The Undertaker more than Brock would, so the call was made for Brock to go over.

Randy Savage is ‘absolutely’ going into the Hall of Fame – Vince didn’t give a specific timeframe, and they didn’t go too much into detail, but Savage will absolutely be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Stone Cold was pretty giddy about this news.

The rest of the interview focused on the Austin/McMahon dynamic, Stone Cold’s match at WM 13 with Bret Hart, the St.¬†Valentine’s Day Massacre match vs. Vince, Vince buying out the territories and WCW, Shane McMahon, Sting and a lot of other fun backstage stories. At one point Stone Cold said they were out of time and Vince told him I own the Network, and extended the interview for another 15 minutes. Stone Cold is a great interviewer and Vince came off as a guy who just loves to talk about the business. Give it a listen and subscribe to the Network!

– Ryan

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