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Florida News Anchor John Brown Is Fed Up With The Kardashians

I don’t know if this is the sign of the apocalypse or not, but a resident of Florida actually had a realistic reaction to a real life situation. John Brown isn’t the anchor we deserve, but he is the anchor we need. If more news anchors around the country would just walk out every time a Kardashian was featured on a news story, we’d have a much better society. If you want to play an ad for their TV show talk about Kim and Kanye’s baby that’s one thing, but is Kylie Jenner naming her pet rabbit ‘Bruce’ really a news story? The answer is no, it is not. I can’t imagine there are more than three people interested in that story. But here’s a TV show giving it it’s own segment, because one of the people involved just so happen to have the last name¬†Kardashian or Jenner. Insanity.


Californian James Wertz Punched & Choked His Girlfriend’s Pet Rabbit Over a Women’s Right Argument. Just Kidding He’s From Florida

Of CourseA Florida man is behind bars after allegedly punching and choking his girlfriend’s pet rabbit.

James Wertz, 28, was arrested June 27 in connection to an incident that started over an argument about women’s rights with his girlfriend, Dana Jongeward at their Boynton Beach home.

At one point, tempers flared and Wertz yelled that it was a man’s world, according to the police report.

While Jongeward hid in her bedroom to get away from Wertz, she claims one of her two pet rabbits screamed.

Jongeward came out and allegedly saw Wertz punching and choking one of her rabbits, a 9-month-old named “Bun Bun.” She told police she could see blood coming from the rabbit’s eyes.

“It was shocking, the most horrible thing I could walk out of bedroom to see,” she told the Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Wertz allegedly became enraged and threw her across the living room when she tried calling 911, according to a police report.


Nothing like beating up a rabbit to get your July 4th weekend started. I write these posts so many times that I feel like I’m becoming immune to them. Oh some guy beat up his girlfriend’s rabbit after they argued over women’s rights? That makes sense. The only thing I’m mad about is that we’ll never get to hear James Wertz’s thoughts on women’s rights. You gotta figure a guy who beats up/chokes a rabbit is probably a very well spoken, sincere guy. He probably had a very rational opinion on women’s rights that naturally spawned into the attempted mutilation of a rabbit. Just another day in the Sunshine State.

– Ryan

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