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Dean Ambrose Spoke To The Crowd After His Loss To Seth Rollins at #WWE Money In The Bank

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins main evented another WWE pay per view, and they delivered in every aspect of the word. It was a great, hard fought match that Rollins ended up winning. This most likely sets up a returning Lesnar feud over the summer for Rollins, but where does Ambrose go from here? He’s clearly one of the more popular guys on the roster, but he’s starting to develop a knack of losing big time matches. Rollins continues to best him when the stakes are high, so maybe it’s time for Dean to take a step back and figure out how to reach that next step. Ambrose addresses the disappointment of losing the match and where he’s going from here in an emotional post MITB promo. Thankfully has already posted it, and if you like heartfelt promos, this one is for you.

– Ryan


The Bray Wyatt/Undertaker Hype Video For WrestleMania 31 Is Out Of This World

I included this in my prediction blog under the Wyatt/Undertaker match, but it deserves to be singled out. No lie, I watched this video last night and it gave me chills, and I’m somehow more pumped for this match than I was earlier in the week. I really hope this is Wyatt’s coronation ceremony and he beats ‘Taker, but just thinking about the entrances alone has me all jazzed up. Kudos to WWE once again for putting together the best video packages, period. If you want to see if wrestling can still affect people, take a look at some of those faces in the crowd when Undertaker lost last year. Even after all these years, he still gets you invested in his matches. I cannot wait for Sunday.

– Ryan

Anna Kendrick’s SNL Promos Give Me High Hopes for Her Hosting Debut Saturday Night

Can not wait for Saturday night. Louis C.K. was awesomely weird last week, and I’m hoping for more of the same with Anna Kendrick. The cool thing about actors like Anna Kendrick is that they can incorporate some musical sketches throughout the night because they know the host can nail it. Also, I need me some more Mike O’Brien this week. He’s slowly becoming my favorite cast member, and almost all of the sketches he’s in have just the right amount of weird to make it funny. Throw in a strong Weekend Update (last weeks sucked: ONE GUEST? Come on, SNL) and Pharrell’s big hat and this SNL should be pitch perfect (see what I did there).

– Ryan

Louis C.K’s SNL Promo’s Are Here and We’re That Much Closer to Saturday Night!

Run of the mill SNL promo’s but I don’t care. I can’t wait for Saturday night and for Louis C.K. to tear the house down yet again. We also learned that Sam Smith will be his musical guest. According to Wikipedia, Sam Smith is an old wooden ship that was used during the  Civil War era. Should be fantastic. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @averagenobodies as we’ll be tweeting witty observations during the show.

– Ryan


Psycho Sid Messing Up His Promo’s Ensuring You Have a Great Weekend

Have a great weekend everybody.

– The Average Nobodies

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