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After What Feels Like Forever, The ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Trailer is Finally Here

Lloyd Christmas (still my favorite movie character name ever) and Harry Dunn stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to finally drop the long anticipated trailer for “Dumb and Dumber To”. There’s really no use writing about the actual scenes in the trailer, because you have to watch it for yourself. Let’s just say I’ve never had more faith in a sequel than I have in this movie. It’s also remarkable how neither of them looked like they’ve aged a single minute in that trailer. The haircuts look the same, and let’s just say Lloyd took his shaving ketchup joke up a few notches in the opening scene in the trailer. Long live the goofballs.

– Ryan

P.S. This trailer gets our seal of approval.


Twitter News Weekly – Godzilla!

Godzilla was so god damn good we decided to dedicate this week’s Twitter News Weekly to it. Enjoy/share the video and have a monster weekend everybody.

– The Average Nobodies

In Godzilla, Bryan Cranston Is Basically Harrison Ford Who Can Speak Japanese

Godzilla just premiered last night, so I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but since Bryan Cranston is one of our best friends, I felt that I had to post this. One of the greatest running jokes on the internet is between the characters Harrison Ford plays and those characters families having something horrible happen to them. “Where is my family!?”. “Give me back my son!”. If you’ve seen a Harrison Ford movie, you’ve heard one or both of those lines. Well Bryan Cranston did his best Japanese speaking version of a Harrison Ford character in Godzilla, and it was amazing. Go see the movie, if only to protest the tragedy that was Godzilla 2000.

– Ryan

Game of Thrones Starts Sunday: Here’s Natalie Dormer’s (Margaery) GQ Pics


Woof. Interesting haircut but Natalie Dormer doesn’t care what people think. She married the worst human being in history. I hate King Joffrey but seeing these pictures kind of makes me want to be him just a little bit. I’d chop peoples heads off if she told me to. No questions asked.

– Ryan

I’m Developing a Dangerous Obsession With Arnold’s New Movie “Sabotage”

When I first started seeing these trailers I really had no intention of seeing it. Then I saw it again. And again. And again. The new trailers they release are insane and now I’m worried I’m going to spend $100 seeing it 10 times in theaters. Apparently it was written by the guy who wrote Training Day and it’s directed by the guy who directed End of Watch. Those are two kick ass movies. Throw Arnold in the mix? I smell Oscars, plural. Oh and Arnold and Joe Manganiello are going to be on Monday Night Raw this week promoting it.

Slow Clap (Citizen Kane)

– Ryan

I Wish Shia LaBeouf Would Just Go Away


For someone who keeps saying he doesn’t want to be famous anymore, Shia LaBeouf sure does draw a lot of attention to himself. If you don’t want to be famous then just stop showing up to movie premiers. Or show up and blend into the background. Pretty much do anything except wear a paper bag over your head that says “I am not famous anymore”. I was a big Shia fan, but now he’s just getting annoying. Either make movies and count your money or leave everyone alone. If I may quote your most famous movie, Shia, if you don’t like that, well, that’s too damn bad!

– Ryan

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