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020 Super Bowl, Royal Rumble, Pat Macafee

Opening (0:00 – 2:40), Super Bowl (2:40 – 19:22), Barstool Sports and Pat Macafee (19:22 – 26:25), Beyonce (26:25 – 31:05), Royal Rumble (31:05 – 35:50), What are we watching (35:50 – 47:47)

I’m Not Entirely Sure Steve Smith Knows How Twitter Works


Steve Smith you rascal. Everyone knows Steve Smith is good at two things: talking trash and impregnating women. Notice how I didn’t put “using Twitter” on that short list? That’s because Steve Smith apparently has no idea how it works. Either that or he’s oddly obsessed with himself, which now that I think about is a plausible explanation. Only true ballers @ themselves and hash tag their own name all while humble bragging our faces off. Steve Smith is having sex, guys, and he wants the world to know.

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