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The Pink Ranger Will Always Be My Main Chick


When Kimberly Hart (Her regular person name is Amy Jo Johnson) popped up on this morning I had all these feelings come and crash over me like a giant tidal wave. One of my first crushes, Kimmy here, had my heart from the first moment I laid eyes on her in that pink, Power Ranger getup. I haven’t seen her in a while so I wanted to catch up, and since I don’t have her phone number or know where she lives (probably a good thing) I went to my next option, Wikiepedia.

Since Power Rangers ended she has become a successful: actress, singer, songwriter, gymnast, and mother. Talk about your all-time quintuple threat. This girl has got it all, and at 43 what does she look like?

John Sciulli

I’m buying my ticket to Milf City, where Amy Jo Johnson is the mayor.


PS- How much stereotyping went into the black guy on power ranger wearing the black suit?

PSS- You could cut the sexual tension with a knife between these two and it made me furiously jealous.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Secrets Revealed 012 (2)


@Flairess85 (on twitter) just reminded me that the Yellow ranger was Asian! Stereotyping at its finest. I miss the good old days when political correctness didn’t exist and I could watch TV shows where high schoolers wore cool costumes and beat up people professionally.


Kimmy sex tape coming soon. How did I not hear about this sooner!? 

Skydiver Owns Ball Player

I can barely catch a pop fly as it is, the last thing I need is skydivers smashing into me while i’m playing right center. This has to be a planned attack, right? A trained skydiver* is supposed to have perfect control over his landing; no way he hits a guy with all that open real-estate in the outfield . This “skydiver” must have beat up the real skydiver, took his clothes and parachute, and did a rogue jump aiming for this defenseless ball player.  Some kind of James Bond shit if you ask me. I will never look at the skies the same way again while i’m playing softball.


PS – A Trained skydiver* looks like this:

PSS- I tried finding a picture of Tommy from the Power Rangers Movie with his sky board for this, but Google images let me down…again.

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