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The Tom Brady Court Room Artist Has Sketched Another Portrait Of Brady Because Of Course She Did

TBThe court artist mocked for her curmudgeonly drawing of Tom Brady has done her redemption sketch.

Jane Rosenberg’s new portrait of the embattled New England Patriots quarterback is a far cry from her viral sketch of the gridiron superstar during his first appearance in Manhattan Federal Court over the DeflateGate scandal.

That sketch made the handsome four-time Super Bowl champion appear 50 years his senior — and left Rosenberg on the receiving end of countless online jeers.

But the court artist with 35 years of experience remained undeterred, and sketched a portrait of Tom Terrific over two days.

“I still found him very hard to draw — from a photo as well,” the sketch artist said. “Something subtle goes on with his eyes. He has a big chin with a cleft in it.”


I think if you look up the word ‘unnecessary’ in the dictionary, there would be a picture of this lady with two court room sketches of Tom Brady. Yes the first picture was horrible and also kind of horrifying, but sketching another portrait is so unnecessary it almost makes me angry. If this wasn’t a Monday morning and I wasn’t tired beyond belief I’d be fuming right now. Also, how bored is Jane Rosenberg? I understand being a court room sketch artist isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but who the hell has the spare time to just stare a picture of Tom Brady and produce another portrait that literally no one was asking for? Apparently Jane Rosenberg does. If this doesn’t end with a Tom Brady ‘Walking Dead’ cameo then I will be supremely disappointed. The make up artists already have their blueprint.


Felle Vega: Portrait of a Percussionist

It’s amazing that something like this only has 8,000 views on YouTube when “What does the Fox say” just eclipsed 300 million! Philip Bloom is easily my favorite videographer. Read the rest of this entry

The Royal Family is Rubbing Perfection in Our Faces

Royal Portrait
Smoke mom, soon-to-be king dad, newborn royalty, and their dog? Really? Come on guys, have some sympathy for us common folk.


PS- You think they could have found a better photographer. What’s with the washed out background? That’s amateur work.

I Need A Self Portrait


I feel like this is the next logical step in my life. I graduated high school and college. I got a full-time job. Now I need a self portrait. I’m not talking about going Clay Matthews and having hundred’s of photo’s of myself in my basement. I want it be tasteful, classy. Something like “The Kramer”. The caricature of myself as a baseball player on my bedroom ceiling needs to be replaced. The only thing missing is an actual artist. Let it be known now that I only pay in beer. Rules are rules.

– Ryan

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