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Guy Doing WWE Moves On Girls Creator Joe Weller Is My New Favorite Person

This video is everywhere right now and it should be. I consider myself an amateur professional wrestler, and I’ve wrestled everywhere from pools to bars to subway stations. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes, subway stations are disgusting and I haven’t felt clean since. While most of my “matches” with my friends consists of kicks, punches and submissions Joe Weller is a finishing move machine. Tombstone Piledriver? Check. Batista Bomb? Check. Attitude Adjustment? Check. And the production value is just magnificent. The Undertaker gong and the use of the blackout screen were wonderful. I’ve never clicked subscribe to a YouTube page faster in my life (except to The Average Nobodies page). I don’t know if the girl in the video was his girlfriend or just a friend, but she sold those moves like a bad ass. Getting thrown back and head first into a pool doesn’t feel great, but she’s a trooper.

– Ryan

Here is the outtake video:

And here’s Joe and his friends doing WWE finishers in public. Just awesome.

Total Nerd or Super Dedicated Athlete? You Be The Judge


Just Peyton being Peyton I guess. I would like to call him a nerd but you have to respect the hustle on this. Helmet and everything?! This guy can’t stop, won’t stop.


Christmas in September: NFL Seasons Opens Tonight!

The NFL season is finally here! Fan Duel. Fantasy Football. Survivor pools. And of course, rooting for your favorite childhood teams. I love my birthday and now that I’m an adult holidays are extra special because you get time off, but nothing brings me as much excitement as the opening night of the NFL season. Sunday fundays now have a totally different meaning. Men can talk football in bars, debating fantasy trades and playoff chances from now until February. God I love this country.


Throwback Thursday – Drinking With Class

The guys you now know as expert bloggers used to do a little something different here on the interwebs.  Drinking With Class is a web series dedicated to teaching people the art of handling their social life, or lack thereof, with class.  Without further adieu, here is the first post in a long line of throwback posts featuring Drinking With Class.

Classy Summer Party


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