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#MusicMonday: Carrie Underwood Featuring Ludacris – The Champion

I’m pretty sure it’s a rule that any major sporting event has to have an official song. If you’re the NFL, chances are you’re asking Carrie Underwood to perform that song. She sings the opening for Sunday Night Football and is an overall pleasure whenever she’s on TV. With NBC hosting the Winter Olympics and Superbowl LII, Underwood was called upon to deliver a jam. She did not disappoint.

Carrie Underwood featuring Ludacris – The Champion

I first heard this song Saturday and I haven’t listened to another song since. Carrie Underwood is her natural, wonderful self and Ludacris is the master of rapping over pop beats. If this was NBC’s plan to get me to tune in to the Winter Olympics, it worked like a charm.



Trail Blazers Owner Paul Allen Had The Same Reaction As All Of Us During Steph Curry’s Record Breaking Overtime Performance

That right there is the face of someone who knows he’s about to be defeated and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Just an unreal performance last night from Steph Curry. Coming off the bench, and playing in his first game in two weeks, he scored 40 points, including 17 in overtime, which are the most points in NBA overtime history, regular season or playoffs. What else can you say about the guy? Earlier in the day he finds out he’s going to be the MVP again, and then he goes and does this. Add in the fact that Portland controlled most of this game and the Trail Blazers crowd is a brutal crowd to play in front of, and you have one of the best performances in NBA playoff history. The NBA might not be that fun to watch in general, but if Steph Curry is playing, I will continue to go out of my way to watch him.


The Taiwanese Animation of The Patriots/Broncos Game Might Be The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

The Patriots and Broncos played for the AFC Championship yesterday afternoon, and by now you probably know the Broncos won. Brady was rushed all day, and the Denver pass defense just proved too much for the Patriots offensive line. Out of that game we were treated to this incredible Taiwanese animation, including Rob Gronkowski running like a elementary school Forrest Gump and Peyton Manning getting around with the assistance of a walker. A+ stuff all around.


Lebron James Thinks Lebron James Should Be The MVP Of The NBA This Season

NBAWho would get LeBron James’ vote for this season’s Most Valuable Player?

Why, LeBron James, of course.

On Wednesday, the National Basketball Players Association announced that NBA players will be able to vote in their own regular-season awards, called the “Players Choice Awards,” for the first time this year.

James told ESPN that he knows exactly who’d get his vote for MVP:

James said that players can’t vote for themselves for awards. But who would his vote be for MVP this year?

“Myself,” James said.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star added that he strongly supports the idea of players voting for awards.

“Guys are going to be able to recognize the guys they play against every night and what they do for their franchises,” the four-time MVP told ESPN.

Sarcastic Clapping

Everybody give Lebron James a big round of applause. He somehow got an impossibly talented team to second place in the incredible Eastern Conference where only 5 teams are above .500, so obviously he should be the MVP. And just like Kanye loves him some Kanye, Lebron loves him some Lebron. Just like every other team Lebron was ever on, I hope the Cavs get mauled in the playoffs, which probably won’t happen until the second round since the team they play in the first round will most likely end up with more losses than wins on the season. I know teams have no control over how sucky the rest of the conference is, but they do have control over thinking they actually accomplished something this year. Lebron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love make up three of the starting five players. You could realistically put me and Matt at the other two positions and win 40 games in the Eastern Conference. Since they did not do that, they have JR Smith and Timofey Mozgov round out the starting five, and although his name is spelt kind of stupidly, Mozgov is a pretty decent center. I’m not drinking the Lebron for MVP Kool-Aid, and I’m much more interested in guy’s like Steph Curry and James Harden, who actually play in a real conference.

– Ryan


Mayor Marty Walsh is Really Warming Himself Up to Bostonians

Oh Canada – The Montreal Canadiens flag will be flying in front of Boston City Hall in the next few days, if the Boston mayor follows through on his bet with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. The Habs defeated the Boston Bruins 3-1 on Wednesday in Game 7 of the series, eliminating them from the playoffs.

Bruins fans are licking their wounds today, but Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has a bet to fulfill.

The mayors of the rival teams’ hometowns bet that whoever lost the series would have to wear the other town’s jersey and fly the team’s flag at City Hall for a week. A spokeswoman for the Boston mayor’s office said they intend to make good on their bet, but they’re having a hard time getting their hands on a Canadiens flag.

Will Ferrell WTF?

I don’t like calling people the R word but Marty Walsh is really stupid. You’re the new guy in town, Marty. Don’t go making bets with the mayor of Montreal that’ll force you to fly the Canadiens flag at Boston Town Hall. Just a dumb move. I’m not a big hockey fan but I don’t want  a Canadiens flag flying in Beantown. No need for it. The Canadiens played better this series and deserved to move on but don’t test my politeness. I can get real nasty real quick. I’ll tell you who would never agree to this:


The day Mumbles agrees to a bet that would end in a Canadien flag flying in Boston is the day he pronounces someone’s name right.

– Ryan

The Dallas Mavericks Lost Last Night Because of Two Words: Tony Romo


What the hell is Tony Romo’s problem? He’s either the most unaware person on the planet or just a complete asshole or both. Its not enough for you to ruin the life of every Cowboys fan? You gotta bring that bad juju into the American Airlines Arena and cost my Mavs a pivotal game 4. Tony Romo is the professional athlete version of a mush. If he travels to San Antonio Wednesday I will burn his house to the ground. Leave the Mavs alone!

– Ryan

If There is Such a Thing As a Perfect Sports Night, I Had It Last Night

The 8 seed Dallas Mavericks beat the 1 seed San Antonio Spurs to even the series 1-1 and break their own personal 10 game losing against the Spurs. The Red Sox beat the New York Yankees behind 8 innings and 11 strikeouts from John Lackey. Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda gets thrown out of the game for using pine tar. The only thing that could have made this night better was if the 49ers beat the Seahawks and then Pete Carroll got mugged after the game and lost one of his eyes. Since that’s not possible, last night will have to do.



I don’t want to make a big deal about winning game 2 of a first round series but all I’ve read about this series is how the Mavericks were going to get swept because they were too slow, too old, too bad defensively. We may win in 5, 6, 7 or lose in 5, 6 or 7, but beating the Spurs at home by 21 is HUGE for this team. Plus Casual Dirk showed up in the post game press conference.


Casual Dirk doesn’t need multi colored sweaters or a bow tie and suspenders. He’ll answer your questions to be polite, then he’s got some jumpers to swoosh.

Also, this:

Oh really? Losing game two at home by 21 is better than winning game two at home and taking a 2-0 series lead? Go to hell asshole.


When the Red Sox get their shit together, and it will happen, we’ll look back at this game as one of the turning points. The Sox needed Lackey to come up big tonight and that’s exactly what he did. The bullpen was spent. They even optioned Nava to Pawtucket so they could add Alex Wilson as an extra arm. What does Lackey do? 8 innings, 11 K’s, zero walks. It’s especially important after Lester sucked last night, because if Lester and Lackey can consistently pitch like top dogs we’ll be fine. Always a plus when you find out your arch rivals have the dumbest athlete of all time on their pitching staff. Perfect sports night complete.

– Ryan

We The North – Go Raptors, Go!

There is nothing in the world like a good playoffs pump up video and this one for the Raptors 2014 playoff push is no different. Smash on them Nets and send them packing! The Raptors of old are back in a big way!


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