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Pro Bowl Fantasy Draft?! My Dreams Have Come True!


The once boring and unwatched Pro Bowl is getting an upgrade! Along with eliminating kickoffs and shortening quarter times, the Pro Bowl is going to add a fantasy style draft to the all-star game. This is the Pro Bowl that I have been waiting for! Maybe Doug Martin will be lining up behind Tom Brady this year? Who knows, a man can dream!


PS- Who can forget this awesome Pro Bowl moment, complements of Brian Moorman and the late great Sean Taylor. (And of course JR has to call it)


Hockey Players Just Got Knocked Off The ‘Toughest Athlete’ Throne

The English Shin-Kicking championships have been stealing the hearts and captivating the dreams of Englanders for 401 years.

This video begs the question. Who’s tougher? Hockey players or shin-kickers? I think I have to go with shin-kickers, I mean straw for padding? That just isn’t enough to prevent pain, and to do this round after round? Anyone can withstand a punch to the face or a skate blade to the neck it takes true mettle to endure shin kicks. Respect.

-Sean Lite-

P.S. This should be an olympic sport, the summer olympics needs something to compete with curling in the winter olympics. (can’t wait)

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