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I Love the Internet Reason #295,847 – Cats get Photoshopped into the Original Jurassic Park

Here is the link to the full album on Imgur, below are some of my favorites. 



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After A Pic Of James Harden & Some Girl Leaked On Instagram The NBA Star Got Some Groupie Advice From…Bow Wow?

Yo i see yall boys still young rich and DUMB. Now james is my boy but let me say this now. This is how i USE to do it its called “leaving no evidence” if you was chilling w me my security takes phones and you signing papers. The rule is when she leaves she gets her phone back.

Secondly if u forgot to take phone make sure she sleep then find her phone (usually by side of bed) i would take it put it under the bed so i KNOW im good and could sleep peacefully. Yall be too comfy w/ brauds yall dont know!

I give credit to the ladies because most of us are just that rich and STUPID so yall know how to get us. I been caught up too before not knowing being a rookie but next time.. Leave no evidence. Sometimes i would sleep somewhere else leave them all by themselves but id be watching them from my security cam.

Fellas be smart we know the p***** is the most powerful thing but dont let it hypnotize you. Ladies when yall do stuff like this, it ruins it for you because we NEVER calling you again. Why mess it up over a proof pic that you twapping a rich dude. Was it worth it? YOOOOOO JAMES WAAAKE UP BRO! zzzzzz…. #feartheblonde

ps. This game aint for everybody! I took being a ladies man serious. You got to go all out PROTECT your brand your image.

Sounds like you’re in for a rip roaring time when you hang out with Bow Wow. He takes your phone AND your signing some kind of paper and then Bow Wow watches you sleep from his secure bunker. Party central. My favorite part of this post (besides the grammar, more on that later) is that this reads like some kind of dinner recipe. 1 cup of security takes phone. A dash of you signing papers. 3 sprinkles of making sure she’s asleep and finding her phone (usually by side of bed) & a big clump of putting that phone under the bed so you can sleep peacefully. Bow Wow has cracked the code, because everyone knows if you put someone’s phone under the bed they’re never finding it. Under the bed might as well be the lost city of Atlantis for cell phones.

On the one hand I’m glad Bow Wow’s alive, on the other hand he couldn’t possibly be more full of himself. At least he takes being a ladies man seriously though. Wouldn’t have been able to sleep this weekend without knowing that. I do want to get back to the grammar – I’m not a grammar Nazi (or any kind of Nazi) but this is written extremely poorly for someone of Bow Wow’s age. You’re 28. Get a fucking dictionary or a thesaurus or something. I know he found fame at a young age but this is just an abomination of the English language. At least now guys have the official handbook for how to hang out with girls. Make sure they sign them papers!

– Ryan

via Bro Bible & Bow Wow

HackGate 2014: How to Protect Yourself from being Hacked




With all these celebrities having their iCloud accounts hacked it got me thinking; If I was to come under attack by a hacker, would I be protected? I really could’t come up with a clear-cut answer so i did some research and here is what I found.

Use these 3 tips and tricks to better protect your passwords!

  1. Use two-step identification whenever possible.
    1. Some applications that use two-step ID are Twitter and all Google apps (gmail, youtube, docs…etc.
  2. Try to incorporate symbols and capital letters in your passwords whenever possible.
  3. Use an application like “LastPass” or “1Password”
    1. These applications can generate a long difficult passwords for all of your social media accounts, but can be accessed on your device by one password that you set.
    2. This allows all of your different sign-ins to have unique passwords, but still be easily accessible by one of your devices.

Use these tips in conjunction with one another and all your stuff will be protected. At the very least think about changing your passwords every fees months or so.


Taste of The Bay – Photo Recap


Last night the Average Nobodies were out in full effect. For those of you that don’t live in the Providence area, or don’t know of this event, last night was Save The Bay’s 3rd Annual “Taste of The Bay” beer, wine, and food tasting. The event was a huge success! For those of you who didn’t attend there is always next year. Not convinced? Check out these photos!

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SXSW 2014 in Pictures


Beer + Street Meat + Average Nobodies = BlissIMG_20140310_111550 IMG_20140311_153304
Waiting to see Jimmy Kimmel Live from Austin! IMG_20140311_185207 IMG_20140309_110116 IMG_20140309_110339IMAG0069
Getting ready for our mission to MarsIMG_20140309_110845 1394729787646 1394729865897IMG_20140309_224019 IMG_20140309_225544
This man [Sunny Wolf] has the fingers of an angelIMG_20140308_213245 IMG_20140309_093626
A little shameless self-promoting never hurt anyone IMG_20140309_095542 IMG_20140309_104645download_20140308_101553_20140308_101440
Walking the red carpet like a couple of big timersdownload_20140313_110943DSC03013
Seth Rogan, Zach Effron, Mclovin, Ike Barinhotltz, and Dave Franco!DSC03018 DSC03020
Jon FaverauIMAG0055

IMAG0061 IMAG0063 IMAG0064 IMAG0068 IMAG0070 IMAG0078

Can you tell we were in Texas?IMAG0083
Getting ready to shoot Twitter News Weekly from the streets of Austin!DSC03023
Q&A from Tye Sheridan and Nick Cage after their movie ‘Joe’

The 2015 Mustang Changed Everything I Thought a Mustang Could Be

this oneI really don’t know how Ford does it. Every time Ford releases a new “pony” it is better than the last one, (with expect ion to 1967, it will never be beaten) and the 2015 is no exception. Punchy, sleek, and somehow sneaky modern the 2015 Mustang defies what a new muscle car, specifically a American made one, can be. It has all the classic looks (tail lights, fast back, and stance) that mustangs have kept over the years, but has added all the curves and swagger that a new style car brings to the table. Just when I thought the Mustang cannot be outdone, they go and do something like this. One word: gorgeous. I cannot wait to get inside one.

2015-ford-mustang_100448864_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448882_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448888_l 2015-ford-mustang_100448891_l


Throwback Thursday – Behind the Scenes of Some Classic Movies/TV

See if you can name them all!
Titanic2 Titanic The Muppet Movie2 The Muppet Movie The Matrix2 The Matrix The Lord of The Rings2 The Lord of The Rings The Hobbit The Godfather- Fish-line Bullet Holes The Dark Knight Terminator Star Wars Star Wars 3 Star Wars 1 Stanley Kubrick with his daughter on The Shining Jaws Inception Inception 2 Ghostbusters Filming The Empire Strikes Back Credits Roll E.T. Django Unchained2 Django Unchained Back to the Future-Matt



My Favorite Government Closing Memes/Pictures

john candy government meme





And for everyone posting things without knowing what is actually going on…..




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