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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston Read The Final Scene of Breaking Bad

The Final Scene of Breaking Bad

“I want this”. That lines still gives me chills when I hear it. How about Walt and Jesse just causally reading the final scene on a couch together. No need for a fancy table read. Aaron Paul’s first reaction to the end is exactly the reaction every fan of Breaking Bad should have….”It’s perfect”. As perfect as a TV series I have ever watched.

How about Vince Gillian being a genius with the line “Like Satan’s windshield wiper”. Fucking AWESOME.


In Case You Needed Another Reason to Love Paul McCartney, Here He Is Helping A Couple Propose Onstage

When I’m 64During his second encore, he brought a couple from Rochester onstage after the woman held up a sign saying her boyfriend wouldn’t marry her until he met McCartney. After the man led the audience in a verse of “When I’m 64” to honor his age, he went to his knees and successfully proposed.

“And he booked us for the wedding,” McCartney joked.


Paul McCartney being the coolest guy in the room once again. Just a sweetheart move bringing this couple on stage so the guy could propose. Also, this guy is kind of demanding. I feel like refusing to marry someone until you meet Paul McCartney is a very ballsy move. It’s not like your saying I won’t marry you until you buy me a new pair of shoes, or until make me that chicken parm dinner I like. Paul McCartney seems like a busy man. Might be doing a few concerts here and there. Lives in an entirely different country. But somehow this guy pulled it off, mostly due to Paul McCartney being one of the coolest people in the entire world. Kudos to the happy couple.

– Ryan


I Found My New Favorite Picture

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Hands down the greatest photo of all time.

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I will never get tired of Aaron Paul posting old school Breaking Bad pictures on Instagram, especially when they’re Mike Ehrmantraut pics. Angel in white, a sweet, sweet delight.

– Ryan

Is WWE Intentionally Trying to Make Me Hate Cesaro With His New Entrance Song?

Let me guess this straght. You have the most polished guy in the ring outside of Daniel Bryan who’s had GREAT (not good) matches with NXT, Raw and Smackdown superstars over the last year. You pair that guy up with Paul Heyman because Paul Heyman is the wrestling Jesus. You give him a sweet ass sparkled jacket and a cool new nickname. And this is his entrance theme? Just a siren blaring followed by a guitar? I can’t think of a theme song that fits a guy’s personality less than this song fits Cesaro. You’re building him up to be this otherwordly strong man who still has the quickness and agility to stay with the smaller guys, yet you stick him with this entrance song. Maybe I’m crazy but when I think of that kind of ability a siren is the not the first thing that comes to mind. An entrance song in todays wrestling world is just as important as a wrestler’s in ring or promo work. When the music first hits, you want the people to either explode out of their seats or boo with tenacity, not huddle under their chairs because the Russians are bombing us. I really hope by next weeks Raw Cesaro has a new theme song, and we see another 100 rotation swing to make up for this peice of garbage.

– Ryan

Yeah Bitch! Aaron Paul is Hosting Monday Night Raw This Week

I need a tag title match on Raw. Jessie Pinkman and Walter White (The Albuquerque Alliance) vs. The New Age Outlaws. Winner gets the tag belts, loser has to do meth FOR REAL.

– Ryan

My Jealously of Aaron Paul Grows Daily

THEN THIS HAPPENED (no word on whether the kiss took place or not):

Kings of Leon, bitch! It’s not cool enough that Aaron Paul went to a Kings of Leon concert in NYC last night. No, he had to make friends with Bill Murray and Rob Thomas. If we ever start cloning people, please start with Bill Murray. We could use more of him around. Also, Rob Thomas is the greatest third wheel of all time.

– Ryan

H/T Buzzfeed

Saturday Night Live Review – Paul Rudd & One Direction

paul rudd

Paul Rudd is the host and One Direction are the musical guests this week. I’ve been looking forward to this show since Rudd was announced as host, so lets see if he can deliver. With it being 18 days until Christmas, will we see other Anchorman cast members make cameo appearances!? A boy can dream. Let’s get to the highlights..

COLD OPEN – The Sound of Music

I had a feeling this was coming after the monster success of the live broadcast. Kristen Wiig is here! I’m impartial to alumni cast members, but any time Dooneese is inserted into a sketch I’m in. Taran Killam and Kate McKinnon also killed in this sketch. Fred Armisen! Gilly and Lawrence Welk do the honors and we are off to a fantastic start!

Paul Rudd Opening Monologue (Not available due to copyright issues)


Paul and One Direction, who have an interesting array of haircuts. Paul Rudd’s man band is…Will Ferrell, David Koechner and Steve Carell. Jesus Christ. Steve Carell pulls of the beard exquisitely, and 9 Direction singing “afternoon delight” is great. The rest of this episode could be an hour and 20 minutes of a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on and I’d be happy.

Al Sharpton – Politics Nation

Luckily, it is not. Along with Steve Harvey, Al Sharpton is Keenan’s best impression. I could listen to him mispronounce words all day. He still doesn’t understand twitter, and we love him for it.

One Direction – Biggest Fan

Dan Charles is One Direction’s biggest fan. Dan Charles is a grown man. Paul Rudd + Child fans of One Direction = gold. Paul Rudd has the Justin Timberlake gene: he could easily be a cast member any day of the week.


Eight words: glitter shoes and dress shirt with no tie. That is the sign of a psychopath, Harry Styles. One Direction is staring into my soul, yet I’m OK with it. I want to look away but I can’t. BTW, turtlenecks are making a comeback, and I’m not talking about the animal.

Weekend Update

Jacob. Vanessa Bayer plays a young Jewish boy hauntingly well. Jebidiah Atkinson. If this is the next recurring character then SNL is smarter than I thought. This time he’s reviewing Christmas specials. “Charlie Brown, there’s a pube on your forehead.” Rudolph, Frosty, It’s A Wonderful Life. No Christmas movie/special is safe from the wrath of Jebidiah.

Statue of David

Paul Rudd plays the man the famous statue was based on. And boy does he have a small penis. Always a bonus when Bobby Moynihan sports a fake beard.

Bill Brasky

Little throwback to the old Bill Brasky sketches Will Ferrel and David  used to star in. It’s fitting that Ferrel and Koechner are in it as well. This is like an insane game of one upmanship. Taran Killam fits in amazingly well in this sketch, shows how good he really is. Great cap to a great episode.

rudd 2

I was excited for Paul Rudd to host, and he did not disappoint. One Direction did a solid job in what little screen time they had. I’m convinced they’re single handedly starting a turtleneck revolution. I’d have to say this is close to one of the best episodes of the season, with Lady Gaga’s still barely holding that top spot. Next week, I’ll be in NY for John Goodman and Kings of Leon. I anticipate John Goodman and I becoming the best of friends.

– Ryan

It’s a Given Ron Burgundy Shows Up on SNL This Week, Right?


I wrote yesterday how the world is on the brink of Ron Burgundy overload. Every time you turn on a late night talk show or commercial, there he is, mispronouncing words or having a staring contest with a horse. I’d be happy if Ron Burgundy went away for a few weeks, and then reemerged Christmas morning for the whole world to see on the big screen. Well, maybe not disappear completely. This Saturday Paul Rudd (Brian Fantana) is hosting Saturday Night Live. I fully expect Rudd to plug the new Anchorman movie, which has already proved it’s willing to promote itself in any way possible. My question is this: is it possible to reference Anchorman without including the movie’s leading man, who also happens to be one of SNL’s most notable alumni? Since we were forced to sit through all those Dodge commercials, the least Ferrell can do is reward us with a Ron Burgundy performance at studio 8H. A Sean Connery celebrity jeopardy wouldn’t hurt, either.

– Ryan

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