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065 Super Bowl Wrap-Up, Logan Paul Ads Removed & Quentin Tarentino

Average Nobodies Podcast

for February 9, 2018.

On today’s show we’re chatting about Super Bowl 52, Quentin Tarantino, we have another Logan Paul update and we wrap up with some trailer reviews. You can chat with us on Twitter, toss us a like on Facebook and heart all our pictures on Instagram. Don’t forget, this podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and YouTube.

Make the 2015 NFL Season a Classy One – Fumble Brewski

Drinking With Class is Back! In this episode we cover the unofficial official beer of the NFL. The beer everyone loves, but Führer Goodell doesn’t want you to know about.

– The Average Nobodies

Tom Brady Is Free & The NFL Really Sucks At Handing Out Suspensions

Patriots fans right now:

First off, congrats to Tom Brady, the Patriots and Patriots fans. The fact that this whole thing has lasted 9 months and the Patriots and their fans couldn’t even enjoy their Super Bowl win is ridiculous, but the right guy won in the end. Also, how terrible is the NFL at handing out suspensions? Every suspension that initially hand out is reduced or obliterated altogether. It’s almost comical. Now that Brady is going to play week 1, the Patriots are going to really murder some teams. Legitimate murder. And now, my two favorite reactions on Twitter:

Also, no big deal but kind of a big deal. I called this ruling back in August:



004 Super Bowl and Royal Rumble Fallout

The New England Patriots Wanted To Thank All Their Fans on Twitter After Reaching 1 Million Followers & Things Got Terrible Very Quickly


Ohhh dear. This isn’t even a pun or some kind of sly joke. This twitter handle just puts everything out there. Does a robot run the Pats twitter account? Because if a human being does there’s no way they don’t catch this. It’s just too obvious. Is this how you get 1 million followers, Patriots? Last time I checked its not 1960s Mississippi. You can’t be thanking people with that kind of Twitter handle. Settle for 999,999 and leave the racism on the sideline.

Insane Instagram Comments – Cheeto Fingers





Saulwasthere, I need to clear up something. Do you mean that his fingers look like Cheetos? or that it looks like he just ate Cheetos and didn’t lick his fingers clean? (napkins don’t exist when it comes to eating Cheetos and Doritos) Lastly, I really think you should email Cheetos and tell them you just sold a bag of their product, because I just needed to leave work and grab some for myself.

I now understand “Cheeto fingers” and my keyboard hates me for it. #BloggerBlunder


Rob Gronkowski’s Off Season Rehab Seems to Be Going Well

I love Gronkowski. He’s the only tolerable member of the Patriots that non Patriot’s fans can root for. But if I were a Pats fan, I’d be a little upset with him. Athletes can do whatever they want in the off season. Is it ideal that they train and stay in shape and try to get smarter and stronger? Sure. But if a professional athlete wants to blow off some steam and go to Vegas for a few weeks and get drunk and party with porn stars who are we to tell him no? As long as they’re ready to perform when the season starts, I’m OK with it. The only problem with Gronkowski is that he’s the largest human ever who is apparently made entirely of glass. He had back surgery in college, and has dealt with serious ankle, forearm and now knee issues. Maybe dominating comedy shows and bench pressing comedians is the magical formula. My bet is on Belichick letting him go after the 2014 season.

– Ryan

Could The Patriots Give Off a More Galactic Empire/Evil Super Villain Vibe?

Really? Come on now, Pats. There weren’t any other DEs on the board that would have fit your “plan” better than Easley? Don’t get me wrong, this guy could be a stud, but does nobody else think that he was a reach in the first round? He’s had two knee surgeries which should have been a red flag from the word go. Patriot nation has been conditioned not to ever question Lord Bill, but I don’t know here. Or maybe i’m wrong and every other war room in the NFL is collectively shitting their pants because the Pats know something they don’t. Being all like: “Oh fuck, who is EASLEY? How could we have missed him?! Someones getting fired!”.


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