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Zach Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Spend Their 4th of July Smooching in Italy



(PICS HERE) Zach, i’m not angry man, i’m just surprised you didn’t tell me. I mean, we watch the premiere of one of your movies together, we become best friends and then you go and steal my girl? I thought we were tighter than that. But hey, it’s fine, no big deal. I’ll just take the high road…and by “high road” I mean stay in bed for the next week or so cursing your name! Italy’s overrated anyway. Can’t be that romantic.


PS- In all seriousness, how much weird sex is Zachy boy getting right now? Let’s remember this was the girl that was making out with a chick court side at a Knicks game not 4 months ago! It’s Bill Paxton’s world, but Zach Efron is dominating it.

Party On Wayne

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