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I Need Bill Murray’s PBR Pants


Jesus, Bill. Save some coolness for the rest of us. You know Bill Murray is going to steal the show, but you never know how. Sometimes its his antics, sometimes it’s his clothing. The PBR pants are subtle yet majestic. Wouldn’t expect anything less from the king.

H/T Uproxx

– Ryan

I’m Gonna Need These Picnic Pants ASAP


Are you shitting me? This is pure brilliance. No more towels. No more stupid blankets. Granted I don’t go on many picnics, but if you’re only using these pants on picnics you’re wasting it’s potential. Going to the movies? Let me put on my picnic pants and go to town on some popcorn. Spontaneous snack time? Picnic pants turning friends into jealous zealots. I need these.picnic pants and I will have these picnic pants. End of story.

– Ryan

I Need Jim Peterik To Sing “Eye Of The Tiger” Everywhere I Go

Does Jim Peterik bring his guitar and fantastic tight white pants everywhere he goes? I hope so. And I hope he’s available this Saturday for funky butt Matt’s birthday extravaganza. Better yet, I need him to follow me around where ever I go. Maybe I’m having bad day, work is busy and I burned the roof of mouth on some canned soup. Jim is there to save the day and give me the motivation to go on. At this point, I’m really banking on him being financially secure. Wherever I go, money doesn’t exactly follow. He’s going to have to accept an unnecessary amount of Busch Light and a few burnt hamburgers as payment.

– Ryan

Grab Your Wiener? Use This Cleaner!

Oh boy, do I know someone who could use this. But don’t we all? That one friend who spends 99.9% of the day with a hand(s) down their pants? ┬áIf you don’t know what i’m talking about, take a look down, because you’re that friend.


Photo Cred: Peter Hanney

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