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The NFC South Got in a GIF War This Morning on Twitter

Here is how it went down.







The Saints coming in hot, like a bunch of psychos, with the Tommy Pickles GIF. I am a little disappointed in my Bucs here. Clearly the Falcons got the better of them in this battle. The key to winning a titter war is strike first and strike hard. If you can’t strike first, then just strike hard. They didn’t strike first here and their strike back was weak. “Mean Girls” GIFs are funny and plentiful…and you picked that one? They redeemed themselves with the Ace Ventura tutu scene though.


I’m Not Entirely Sure Steve Smith Knows How Twitter Works


Steve Smith you rascal. Everyone knows Steve Smith is good at two things: talking trash and impregnating women. Notice how I didn’t put “using Twitter” on that short list? That’s because Steve Smith apparently has no idea how it works. Either that or he’s oddly obsessed with himself, which now that I think about is a plausible explanation. Only true ballers @ themselves and hash tag their own name all while humble bragging our faces off. Steve Smith is having sex, guys, and he wants the world to know.

Of Course a Florida Team Would Do Something Like This


So, a glass panel at the Florida Panthers game broke last night, but don’t you worry they had their best guys on it! Easy fix, just throw come cardboard up. Like just completely ignoring the fact that they have no backup pieces of glass. Contingency plans are for the weak, I guess. One problem, Mozart, cardboard isn’t transparent! The fans sitting in the first couple rows behind that monstrosity should have just stayed home and listened on the radio. Although staying at home in Florida doesn’t always mean your safe***



*** See Ryans article about a Floridian who stabbed his brother over Mac n’ Cheese.

***UPDATE*** I have been told that this actually was a piece of glass but they couldn’t peel the protective paper off it, which is 1,000 times worse.

Watch Out! The Buccaneers Just Won Their 3rd Straight!

While this season might be done after starting 0-8, not all is lost!  Keep playing hard! Next up, the red-hot Panthers! Lets skin these cats!


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