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Having A Bad Day? At Least You Didn’t Lose A Soccer Match 46-0

I feel like I just watched a murder. Seriously, 46-0 in any sport is just out of control, but when it’s SOCCER, it’s basically murder. I feel like the refs or anyone could have stopped this game after it got to 6 or 7 to zero. After awhile you have to realize the other team isn’t coming back. 46 is a very unnecessary number to get to in soccer. I don’t know a ton about the sport, but I’m assuming this is the goalie for Micronesia’s last game. You don’t come back from this. It’s like the opposite of a golfer getting a hole in one and never playing again. You can’t get back on the field after allowing 46 goals in one game. I don’t care if your defense is made of ants, you need to stop one or two shots. Hopefully Micronesia isn’t too shaken up by this, but I can’t imagine they make any sort of comeback after a loss of this magnitude.

– Ryan


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