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Pablo Sandoval Showed Up To Spring Training In Whatever The Opposite Of Tip Top Shape Is #RedSox

There were reports that Pablo Sandoval had dropped some pounds this offseason, but unless he gained 100 pounds before he dropped the 20, that can’t be true. Look, I’m not saying the guy has to be carved out of marble. If you’re going to be out of shape, baseball is the one sport you can still play. But when you’re making almost $20 million a year and you come off a horrible year like Sandoval did last year, you can’t come into camp looking like that. It’s just not going to work. With Sandoval at third and now Hanley at first, I couldn’t have less confidence in our corner infielders if they were blind with no limbs. Maybe Pablo will hit .300 and play a decent third base, or maybe he’ll sweat his way to becoming a $20 million a year bench player.



Pablo Sandoval’s New Locker With The Red Sox Is Spectacular

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I have a feeling Pablo Sandoval and the Red Sox are going to get along just fine. Not only are the Red Sox getting a premier third baseman in the prime of his career, but judging by his interviews and new locker setup, it seems like Sandoval has a good sense of humor too. I need someone to create a Panda Red Sox T-shirt and I needed it yesterday.

– Ryan

The Red Sox Are On The Verge Of Signing Pablo Sandoval & Hanley Ramirez, & The Wheeling & Dealing Is Just Getting Started

BoSoxThe Boston Red Sox have an agreement in place with free-agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval, sources confirmed to ESPN. had earlier reported the agreement, which comes on the heels of Boston’s reported deal with free-agent infielder Hanley Ramirez. Fox Sports is reporting that the Red Sox and Ramirez are finalizing a five-year, $90 million contract.

Sandoval reportedly chose the Red Sox’s offer over those from the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres. All three offers were believed to be for five years and at least $90 million.

As the Giants have discussed Plan B moves in case they lost out on Sandoval, they’ve talked about the possibility of pursuing left-hander Jon Lester, sources told ESPN’s Buster Olney. The Red Sox also remain engaged in talks with Lester about a possible reunion.

It's Happening Hi Res

If I may quote FBI Special Agent Adam Frawley in ‘The Town’, “this is the not fucking around crew.” The Red Sox front office is NOT playing around this offseason. It’s not even December yet, and they’re already very close to signing two big bats, which in turn will lead to the addition of some pitching depth. Not only does adding Sandoval add a big ol’ bat, but he also plays a great third base, and hopefully his presence in Boston signifies the end of the Will Middlebrooks era. IF the Sox get both Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez, then it seems like their next move would be to trade for a pitcher. With Ramirez, and assuming Xander stays at short, the Red Sox would have Mookie Betts, Shane Victorino, Rusney Castillo, Yoenis Cespedes, Daniel Nava, Allen Craig and even Jackie Bradley Jr. as potential opening day outfielders on their roster. While you can never have too much talent, the Red Sox don’t really need 8 outfielders. Betts and Castillo are clearly the future in Boston, and out of the remaining 6 outfielders, they can get the most out of trading Cespedes, who they probably won’t resign next year anyway. They’re still in the hunt for Lester, and if I’m Jon Lester, the addition of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval only wants to make me pitch for Boston that much more. If the Sox can somehow get Lester and trade a still in his prime Cespedes for a front of the line rotation guy, they are going to be a scary team next year. Assuming Ortiz doesn’t play until he’s 50, we also now have a few guys who can take over for Big Papi at DH when he finally decides to hang it up. If the Red Sox front office were trying to generate some buzz heading into spring training, they’re doing a hell of a job.

– Ryan

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