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P. Diddy Fell Through The Stage At The BET Awards, Is Not Having The Best Week

First P. Diddy tried to fight UCLA coach Sal Alosi with a kettle ball, and now he’s falling through the stage at the BET Awards. Safe to say this hasn’t been the best week for Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs. In what appears to be a case of blogger luck, Sal Alosi just happens to be the same guy who tripped a Miami Dolphins player while coaching for the Jets a few years ago. Combine that with the fact that P. Diddy fell through the stage, and you have some wonderful meme’s being created as we speak.


I’m sure these things will work themselves out and P. Diddy will be back to doing Vodka commercials with the guy from Grey’s Anatomy and Phil Leotardo, but for now let’s enjoy the meme party.

– Ryan