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Watch Richard Sherman Try To Give Clay Matthews An RKO In The Only Intersting Moment Of The Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl was terrible and boring just like it always is, but thanks to Richard Sherman, we did get a few seconds of fun. After a play which saw Sherman line up as a wide receiver, he moseyed on over to the middle of the field and tried to hit an unsuspecting Clay Matthews with an RKO. For those of you who are not wrestling fans, an RKO is exactly what you just saw, except Clay Matthews would have laid flat out on his stomach and probably broke his neck since he was wearing a helmet. I still don’t understand how the NFL can mess up the Pro Bowl this badly, and it looked especially bad with the insanely fun NHL all star game going on at the same time. Damn you Roger Goodell. Damn you.


Randy Orton’s RKO (And the WWE In General) Are Taking Over The Internet

After RKO vines took over the world last week, it seems that everyone wants to get in on the action. While this isn’t the greatest goal celebration in the world, any time someone incorporates a wrestling move into their everyday life I’m going to approve. WWE tries so hard to get mainstream attention, when all they needed to do was let the internet take over. I still get jazzed up every time I see this Stone Cold stunner vine. Internet perfection.

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