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ICYMI: NASA’s Orion Rocket Performed “Flawlessly” This Morning, and I Watched it LIVE!

Look at the MOFO go! To infinity and beyond! Also, if you were wondering, it landed safely as well.

Let’s go to Mars!


Insane Instagram Comments – NASA


For those of you who don’t know, or who aren’t huge space nerds like me, NASA has planned to test launch its newest rocket, Orion, this morning. Due to some faulty valves (couldn’t even begin to explain that better) they move the test flight to tomorrow morning. After the moved launch NASA instagrammed his picture with an explanation. Comedy ensued in the comments….



JosephZorzoli coming in HOT with the hijacking plan. Can’t knock the hustle though, If i had the resources and know-how to steal that rocket and take it to any planet it would have to be Mars. Being the first person to do anything is becoming rarer and rarer. This would be JosephZorzoli’s chance to make history…..and probably kill himself. But hey, at least he will have snacks!


The Orion Spacecraft is Our Future in Space

Just so NASA knows, I am still 100% ready to start my astronaut training. Pick the day and time and i’m there.


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