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Ok, I Officially Hate Aaron Rodgers



Back off my woman, Rodgers! If that is your real name. How dare you think you can just walk up and sweep Olivia Munn off her feet. I have no idea what she sees in you…ok, maybe I do, but that doesn’t change the facts: You date Olivia Munn = I hate your stinking guts. I hope you enjoyed being drafted onto my fantasy team last year., because that is the last time I use you for trade bate! That’s right, I was FAKING IT!


Eat it, Rodgers.


Olivia Munn in THE Metal Bikini. You’re Welcome

Olivia Munn has rapidly climbed my celebrity crush ladder, knocking off the once immovable object, Kate Beckensale, as top girl. The reason? Well, I have numerous. For one, she is impossibly good looking. I don’t know who your parents are, Olivia, but I will thank them in person for creating you when I ask for your hand in marriage. Secondly, she plays the beautiful, smart, and funny Sloan Sabbith on HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’. Now, just good looks and smarts doesn’t get you to the top of Funky Butt Matt’s celebrity crush list (if that were the case I’d be looking at Bill Paxton as top dog). There are other intangibles that I look for. When I found out Olivia Munn happens to be a Star Wars nerd, I nearly fainted.

0-1 Her Twitter cover photo 

Then I stumbled across this picture of her in the famous “Metal Bikini”, which solidified her rise to the top.


This picture was taken during her time as host of the G4 show “Attack of the Show”. Oh wait that’s right…she was the host of a tech show. Please marry me, Olivia!


PS- This is the only time this was worn better than Carrie Fisher. ONLY TIME

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