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Olivia Culpo Celebrated 2 Million Instagram Followers & Oh No Everything Is Ruined

For those of you who don’t know, Olivia Culpo is Rhode Island native (hey now!), current model, actress, restaurateur and former 2012 miss USA winner. She’s also currently dating New England Patriot Danny Amendola, because beautiful people need to stick together. Olivia recently reached 2 million followers, and celebrated how anyone would: with a lot of balloons.

Isn’t that lovely. Kind of sucks for her team because blowing up 10,000,000 balloons sounds awful. Beyond awful. While most of her fans were also in the celebratory mood, one creature from the depths of Instagram hell emerged to spoil the party:

I didn’t just include @me81093418470’s comment in that picture, but if you can’t distinguish the insane from the not insane we have bigger problems here. I’m always tempted to dissect these comments, but I know that’s a losing battle. I really can’t figure this one out though. “Look at me while you take your bra off” is insane on it’s own, but when you add all those extra exclamation points it enters into the danger zone. It’s so oddly specific too. The eye contact request is what really worries me, although if I’m being honest, this person existing on planet Earth is the most worrying thing of all.

Hey Olivia, if you’re reading, I apologize on behalf of the human race.


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