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That Classic “I locked My Keys In The Car” Look


Found this gif while searching for pic for another blog post. Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to use it.


Kanye West Reminds Us That HE, and Only HE, Can Be Considered the World’s Biggest Asshole

Source – Kanye West says performing on his Yeezus tour  is similar to going to war.

The 36-year-old claimed in a recent interview  that he is risking his life onstage and compared his musical antics to that of a  police officer or soldier.

The rapper explained that he could ‘slip’  during one of his complex routines on stage and that he is putting his ‘life at  risk, literally’.

The All Of The Lights singer told ‘Like, I’m just giving of my body  on the stage.

I’m putting my life at risk,  literally!’

Kanye went on to explain: ‘When I think about  when I’m on the Can’t Tell Me Nothing, and Coldest Winter moment, like that mountain goes really, really high.

For the full interview, click here


Nobody, and I mean nobody, loves Kanye West more than Kanye West. I can honestly say I’ve never heard someone ramble like Kanye. He’s the only person who can talk about finances, elephants and slaves in the same sentence. He’s great like Michelangelo AND Walt Disney. Interesting combination. The icing on the cake was obviously Kanye comparing his concert performances to being a police officer or a soldier in war. I wish I could say I was surprised by this, but every time you doubt Kanye, he proves just how big of an asshole he really can be. Hey Kanye: Walt Disney is dead. You can’t work with him. Get over it.

– Ryan

This Police Officer Just Reinvented the Pepper Spray Protestors Game Forever

I’ve never seen such fury, such tenacity, such determination. He’s treating these protestors like they’re Nazi Zombies just plowing through them with no regard for human life! Hard as a Mother Fucker, no prisoners, no mercy. About to fall? Nope, caches his balance and continues ruining these people’s day without missing a beat. If i had half this determination I would be a billionaire by now.

-Sean Lite-

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