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Odell Beckham Jr. Can Cry Me A River. His One-handed Catch Record is Already Broken

Hey bro, why don’t you set the bar a little higher next time. I’m not saying it isn’t impressive, but if you are going to set a record make it something so impressive that it can’t be broken less than 24 hours later. I can feel the internet surging with one-handed catch videos now. I am going to predict that in a weeks time some schmuck from florida will have done a 100+ catch video. You watch. Ice Bucket challenge all over again.


Have You Heard? Odell Beckham Jr. Isn’t Human

I know everyone has seen this already, but you can’t not post this catch. I knew Odell Beckham was good because he makes Eli Manning look like a competent quarterback, which is not an easy thing to do. Then the pre game video of him catching footballs one handed surfaced, and I knew he’d be a great receiver, hopefully traded away soon to a team with a quarterback who throws the ball accurately. But this catch last night was something else. For the first time in the history of the world, NBC and the NFL’s incessant replays actually did something productive: they showed how Beckham caught the ball not with one hand, but with three fingers. That’s just amazing. I could honestly watch this catch forever, and the fact that a defensive pass interference was called on the play makes it that much better. But for real New York. please trade him or put Eli down so we can see him at his full potential.

– Ryan

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