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Don’t Forget: NXT Takeover II is Tonight On the WWE Network

NXT Takeover II, the latest pay per view type offering from WWE developmental, is live on the WWE Network at 8pm tonight. If you haven’t been watching NXT, you are absolutely missing out on the next big things to come into the WWE. The Shield, Wyatt’s, Cesaro and Paige all started in NXT, and the talent pool has not slacked a bit since their departures. There are three title matches, including the fatal four way main event for the NXT title featuring Adrian Neville, Tyson Kidd, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze. These four got a cool showcase match on Raw, and with more time dedicated to their match tonight, I expect them to tear the goddamn house down. You have also have Charlotte defending the WOMENS title against Bayley. Not divas, women’s. The Ascension also defend their tag team titles, and international superstar Kenta will officially be introduced to the NXT Universe. If that’s enough…KILL STEEN KILL

Enjoy the show!

– Ryan

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