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Dr. Evil Stopped By SNL To School North Korea On What Being Evil Is All About

As much as I wanted to see more of ‘Sam Smith’s Somber Christmas’, it was a treat to see Dr. Evil make his SNL debut. It was a given that SNL would address the North Korea/The Interview situation, and they wasted no time as this was the cold open. Who better to speak about an evil ruler than Dr. Evil, one of the original crazies? This worked so well because not only was it unexpected, but Myers, an ex cast member and brilliant comedic performer, knocked it out of the park. Dr. Evil is a pretty iconic character, and to see it on SNL was pretty monumental. Now that we’ve seen it, I think it’s time to dedicate an entire sketch to Sam Smith’s Somber Christmas. I need to see that.

– Ryan

Twitter News Weekly – Seth Rogan and James Franco Throw Kim Jong-un off of a Ladder and Win The World Cup

We’re back! Sorry for the short absence, we will never leave you again.


New Trailer Alert – The Interview

These are the types of movies we’ve come to expect from Rogan and Franco; two best friends teaming up to take down a drug lord, save themselves from the apocalypse, and in this case, kill the leader of North Korea. Should be filled with some good laughs and numerous cameos. Will I see it in theaters? Yeah I probably will. ‘Neighbors’ was hilarious and i’m sure this one follows suit. (Could we possibly see appearances by Zach Effron and Ike Barenholtz? Maybe!)


Dennis Rodman Yells Gibberish

I really have no words for what I just watched. I’m even more unsure that what Rodman was yelling was even english words. I’ve never heard someone be so hard to understand since Beeker from the Muppets.


You can bet your last dollar that this video will spark another Rodman SNL skit.

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