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Monster Blog Wednesday: Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Celebrities dressing up for Halloween always warms our cold, dead, black hearts. It’s the one time of year they seem just like us. Since Halloween weekend has come and gone, we decided now was the perfect time to pick our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes.

 John Cena & Nikki Bella – Ron Burgundy and Tits Magee


Look at John Cena showing he has a sense of humor. Cena and Nikki Bella are a couple in real life, and any time you can get a superstar couple to do a couple’s costume you’ve got my vote for best costume. It also helps that he picked a character that no matter how many people dress up as him, will never get old. Did John Cena walk around with a massive erection all night? Did they buy a dog and name him Baxter? The world will never know. What we do know is that this is one hell of a Halloween costume.

NPH and Family – The Riddler, The Joker, Batman and Batgirl


Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka know how to do a family Halloween costume! Which is no surprise because NPH and Co are always flexing their “awesome”. Don’t believe me? Check out these previous costumes by the BatFam.

images images-2 images-1

Game. Set. Match….I can say with confidence that their is no other family in the world the dresses for Halloween better than the Harris-Burtka clan. Also, how the hell are those costumes so perfect? I realize they have endless wealth and resources, but that doesn’t explain the completeness of these halloween costumes. A+ work!


Jerry Springer is Coming to WWE RAW Next Week & I Couldn’t Be More Excited About It

I’ve read a few reports on the Jerry Springer news and people hate it because THIS IS WRESTLING and they don’t want to see any more of this pretty awful Bella Twins storyline. While I can agree with the Bella Twins part, because let’s face it. it’s horrible, I don’t agree with all the hate towards Jerry Springer. The WWE has three hours of television to fill on Monday nights. On last Monday’s Raw, Heath Slater fought a man dressed as a giant rabbit. There are going to be segments that are put into the show just for entertainment. Whether we find those segments entertaining are up to us, but I’d much rather have someone like Jerry Springer out there moderating a Bella Twins segment than Nicki and Brie making fake sad faces and slapping each other for 20 minutes. My only complaint here is that WWE didn’t get Howard Stern. If you want two sisters to really spill the beans/probably make out with each other, you need Howard Stern.

– Ryan

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