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Safe to Say Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Enjoyed the LA Kings Victory Parade

Have yourself a day Mayor Garcetti. If one of your major sports teams wins a championship you should absolutely take the day off, have a beer and drop some f-bombs. That goes for everybody, whether you’re a garbage man or a dentist or the god damn mayor. That’s what sports is all about: you tear your hair out all year to support your team, and if you’re lucky enough to witness them win, you celebrate like you’ll never see it again. Eric Garcetti can be my mayor any day.

– Ryan


Mayor Marty Walsh is Really Warming Himself Up to Bostonians

Oh Canada – The Montreal Canadiens flag will be flying in front of Boston City Hall in the next few days, if the Boston mayor follows through on his bet with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. The Habs defeated the Boston Bruins 3-1 on Wednesday in Game 7 of the series, eliminating them from the playoffs.

Bruins fans are licking their wounds today, but Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has a bet to fulfill.

The mayors of the rival teams’ hometowns bet that whoever lost the series would have to wear the other town’s jersey and fly the team’s flag at City Hall for a week. A spokeswoman for the Boston mayor’s office said they intend to make good on their bet, but they’re having a hard time getting their hands on a Canadiens flag.

Will Ferrell WTF?

I don’t like calling people the R word but Marty Walsh is really stupid. You’re the new guy in town, Marty. Don’t go making bets with the mayor of Montreal that’ll force you to fly the Canadiens flag at Boston Town Hall. Just a dumb move. I’m not a big hockey fan but I don’t want  a Canadiens flag flying in Beantown. No need for it. The Canadiens played better this series and deserved to move on but don’t test my politeness. I can get real nasty real quick. I’ll tell you who would never agree to this:


The day Mumbles agrees to a bet that would end in a Canadien flag flying in Boston is the day he pronounces someone’s name right.

– Ryan

Relive Every Stanley Cup Championship Celebration Since 1949

Holy awesome.

John Tavares Casually Pulling Out His Tooth On the Islanders Bench

I’ve never been nor will I ever will be a hockey fan, but only a bad ass motherfucker/ psychopath pulls out his own tooth.

– Ryan

Step Away From The Stanley Cup, Bieber


This kid gets to go into space and now he’s chillin’ with the cup?! First off dude, please get dressed.  You’re meeting the Stanley Cup, one of the most prestigious awards (the most prestigious is the WWE title) not going to a damn rock concert! Have some class, there are guys who touched that trophy that could snap you in two…with just their beards! Whats that finger your holding up for? Is that the amount of times you want me to kick your ass? BECAUSE I”M HAPP……wow…ok..i’m sorry.  That got a little out of hand. Bieber brings out the worst in me.  Give The Cup a good scrub down after he’s done with it.  Don’t wanna have that Bieber stink on it.


PS- Is that really a customized Blackhawks jersey in the background? What a piece of trash.

Stanley Cup Wrap Up

Last night we saw the Chicago Blackhawks capture their second Stanley Cup in four years. As a Boston Bruins fan, I say congratulations. Like I said a few weeks ago Im a fan of theirs too, but I was rooting for the Bruins on this one.

Chicago was the clear cut best team all season and they finished the only way they could. The Bruins have nothing to be ashamed of. In a game that had a little over a minute left to push it to a seventh contest Chicago never gave up and beat Boston fair and square. Boston shouldn’t hang their heads on a fantastic run. It’s depressing to go down like that but at the end of the day it was a war that will go down as one of the best in the history books.

Next season should be interesting and I’m a firm believer that in hockey it’s any teams game all season. It would be something to see a finals repeat though. Have a great summer everyone!


Top 10 [Active] Sports Nicknames

Few things give me more of a stiffy than a good nickname.  I’m not just talking about willy-nilly handing out monikers.  The kind i’m talking about are the ones that always stay with you, the ones that have deep meaning and just roll off the tip of your tongue.  So here is my list (in no specific order) of the best nicknames in sports today.  I tried diversifying between sports as best I could or else they all would have been NFL players.

1.) J.J. Swatt


The man with tennis rackets for arms, J.J. Watt

2.) The Freak


Tim Lincecum, the kid who looks like he shouldn’t even be able to reach home plate, never mind 100mph.

3.) The Muscle Hamster


As much has Doug Martin wants to shake this nickname, he never will and we won’t let him! FEED HIM

4.) The Little Ball of Hate/Nose Face Killah


The small pup who’s ready to take on any big dog that steps in his yard. (He also has a huge schnoz)

5.) Smoke

2011 Tony Stewart Calendar - April

The Bass Pro Shop car is the most badass ride in all of racing

6.) Beast Mode

Tae Kwon Beast Mode

Give this guy some skittles and let him run free.

7.) The Durantula


The only spider I like

8.) Megatron

Calvin Johnson I Am Megatron Detroit Lions 2011 Wallpaper 1920x1

Transforms into a touchdown machine when he steps his cleats on the field.

9.) The Flying Tomato


Red headed, Olympic and X-Games gold medalist? This tomato has got some grapes.

10.) The King of Kings


HHH aka “The Three H’s”


P.S. The greatest nickname of all time, without contention, is “The Great One”.

Chara Would Have Eaten You, Crosby


Here is a little something I made to commemorate the Bruins sweep of the Penguins.  Stupid, flightless, birds.


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