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Monster Blog Wednesday – Favorite NFL Zebras

Replacement Furor Football

Continuing our NFL Monster Blog theme, this week’s MB will be looking at our favorite NFL referees (sorry, not actual zebras. We’ll save that for another day). We used to take the NFL referees for granted, but then a few seasons back the replacement refs came on the scene, and now we will never take actual ref’s for granted again. Here are our picks:

“Mean” Gene Steratore


Personal foul on nu…you know what? I don’t really give a fuck.

The most nonchalant, no nonsense NFL referee in the game today. He honestly looks like he’d rather be anywhere else, but I think that’s part of his charm. Personal fouls, holding; who gives a shit. Let’s move the game along so Gene can get into that case of Bud Ice’s he’s got hidden in the referee’s locker room. It took me awhile to forgive him for letting my 49ers lose in the NFC Championship last year, but now that I have, I look forward to many more years of watching him not give a shit.

– Ryan

Ed “Muscles Marinara” Hochuli


When Hoch is calling the shots the guy with the biggest biceps on the field usually isn’t a NFL player. Quite the opposite of Ryan’s pick I think Ed Hochuli lives for the game of football. Word on the street was that when the ref holdout was announced as over he immediately started doing pushups and then rode a unicorn to work. I’m just telling you what I heard. Some people think it’s kind of ridiculous how jacked he is for what his profession is, you know what I think? I think THOSE people are ridiculous. You’re telling me if you were on the field with a bunch of gargantuans you wouldn’t want to be jacked up and ready for anything? I’d like to see someone run into Hoch on the field. Brick wall city.




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