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Kevin Durant Had The World’s Worst Beer Celebration After His Finals Win

Not surprising. KD doesn’t strike me as a beer guy, never mind a Bud Light guy. Somebody get Kevin some champagne stat!


P.S. Hey KD, this is how it’s done:

Twitter News Weekly – Donald Trump & Lebron James Are Running For President in 2016

Brand spanking new Twitter News Weekly where we discuss Donald Trump running for President and Lebron James losing in the NBA Finals again. Also, are dinosaurs real?

– The Average Nobodies

Ric Flair Pumped Up The Cleveland Crowd Last Night & Even Snuck In A Dusty Rhodes Tribute

Ric Flair looking and sounding as insane as ever last night, and I’d like to think that ‘hard time’ line was a little tribute to his friend and mentor Dusty Rhodes who passed away yesterday. Between Flair and Hogan, they have about 150 favorite professional sports teams. It’s kind of a genius move by the teams, because if I was a fan in the crowd, nothing would get me more pumped up than a loud, rambling, outrageous Ric Flair wrestling promo. Unfortunately for the Cavs, the pump up didn’t work, and now weathermen in the city of Cleveland are bringing weed whackers on air.

– Ryan

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