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One Day After Reaching The Eastern Conference Finals The Boston Celtics Earned The #1 Pick In The NBA Draft

It was hard to imagine things getting any sweeter for Celtics fans after Monday’s game-seven victory over the Wizards, but they have. The NBA Draft Lottery is in the books, and Boston officially has the first overall selection in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Picking first is the ideal scenario for any team, and it is particularly exciting for the Celtics given their current level of competence. The number-one pick rarely goes to a team with any sort of near-term prospects, let alone one that reaches the Conference Finals.

Securing the top spot puts Boston in the best possible position, regardless of what they choose to do with the pick. Should they keep it, the Celtics have assurance they can draft whatever player they please—no negotiating, posturing, or compromising required. – Celtics Blog

Celtics fans last night

What an amazing two days for the Celtics organization and fans. On Monday night they defeated the Wizards to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals and last night they won the draft lottery and earned the #1 pick in this year’s draft. While the #1 pick doesn’t guarantee you a bonafide superstar, it’s still a pretty sweet spot to be in, especially for a team that’s currently one series win away from the NBA Finals. It’s easy to play the blame game when things are going poorly, but Danny Ainge and company should be praised for the way they’ve built this team from the ground up. The last time the Celtics were in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2012, they had Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen on their squad. Less then a year later Garnett and Pierce were traded to the Nets, and one of the picks they received in return is now a #1 overall selection.

It’s not all good news for the C’s: the man they lost to in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, Lebron James, is still King of the NBA mountain. His Cavs still haven’t lost a game in the 2017 playoffs, and even though they have home court advantage, the Celtics will head into tonight’s game 1 as underdogs. When the playoffs began, the Celtics knew they’d have to go through Lebron to reach the NBA Finals, so hopefully they can keep the magic going and pull off an upset.



New Laker Larry Nance Jr. Should Have A Hell Of A First Meeting With New Teammate Kobe Bryant


Oh social media, how I love thee. So the LA Lakers drafted Larry Nance Jr. in last night’s draft and of course the internet sprung into action to see if they could dig up any dirt on him. Turns out it didn’t take too much effort, as back in 2012 Nance made one of those hysterical rape jokes you hear all the kids talking about nowadays. If this was any other player, I’d say it wouldn’t be too big of a deal. They’d meet up in private, hash things out and move on. But this is Kobe Bryant. Nobody loves and respects Kobe Bryant more than Kobe Bryant. He doesn’t let things go. He lets them fester and fester and eventually it motivates him to bring his game to new heights. That first practice is going to be ugly, and I hope Nance brings his big boy shoes to camp, because Kobe will be ready to battle.

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