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Trailer Alert – Narcos Season 3

Every time I see Pedro Pascal’s Agent Pena on screen during Narcos, I weep a little inside thinking about how great Oberyn Martell could have continued to be on Game of Thrones. I know Oberyn’s life expectancy was short, especially when he decided to challenge Gregor Clegane, but Pascal was a high point whenever he was on screen. Thankfully the people behind Narcos saw that too, because he looks to be the focal point of season 3, which streams September 1st. Few shows could lose their main villain (and main character) after two seasons, but few shows tackle a subject as insane and interesting as the cocaine trade in the 1980s. When Pablo Escobar was killed, the Cali Cartel stepped in and took drug smuggling to new heights. Season 3 will focus on law enforcement vs. the cartel, which has been a recipe for success over the last two seasons. Season 3 shouldn’t be any different.


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