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Music Monday: Johnny Cash – In My Life (Beatles Cover)

A cool spin on the Beatles classic. Also proof that Johnny Cash can do everything.

– Ryan

Throwback Jimmy Fallon Video – ‘Whip My Hair’ Featuring Bruce Springsteen

Jimmy Fallon has so many good videos from his time on Late Night and the Tonight Show that I thought it’d be appropriate to start sharing some of the older ones. I’ve watched about one thousand musical sketches featuring Jimmy Fallon impersonating a legendary singer and he still blows my mind every time. Also, The Boss.

– Ryan

Boyce Avenue Has a Cover of ‘Story of my Life’ and I’ll Probably Never Listen to Another Song Again

I’m a big fan of Boyce Avenue (even though they ignored the 1000 or so requests Matt and I made for them to cover ‘Country Roads’). There’s something about the simplicity of their songs that makes them that much better than any other cover artists. Their cover of ‘Story of my Life’ is no different. A piano, guitar, tambourine and two sweet, angelic voices. Gets me every time.

– Ryan

One Direction is Stalking Me


Ever since One Direction were the musical guests on SNL I think they’ve been stalking me. At first I didn’t mind because “story of my life” is a pretty good song. It’s actually better than most of the stuff on the radio right now. As much as I love listening to the same song on repeat, ‘story of my life’ is starting to haunt my dreams. I hear it before work, on lunch, after work, the weekends. I put on a random Pandora station and it pops up out of the goddamn blue. What I long feared to be true is actually happening: One Direction is stealing my soul and I’m powerless to stop them. That’s the story of my life.

– Ryan

The ‘My Spy Birdhouse’ is the Creepiest Product in the History of the World

Have you ever wanted to see INSIDE a birdhouse? Have you ever wanted to spy on birds and see exactly what the fuck they’re doing in there? No. I can honestly say I’ve never wanted to spy on a bunch of birds in their birdhouse. It’s not like their having philosophical discussions on how to save the world or watching movies on big screen TVs. They’re throwing up in each other’s mouths and sleeping and having sex with each other. You wanna know who the next psychotic serial killer is? Monitor anyone who buys this product. It starts with spying on birds and ends with wearing your neighbor’s skin as a coat.

– Ryan

As Expected, Saturday Night Live Has the Best Parody of “The Fox”

It was only a matter of time before SNL got their hands on the weird sensation that is “the fox”. As usual, their parody of a viral hit is smart and hysterical. Nobody cheats on Kerry Washington and gets away with it.

– Ryan

P.S. Full SNL review will be here Wednesday.

Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin’ Documentary

PBS American Masters series, which has been producing biographical documentaries on some of America’s greatest authors, actors, athletes and musicians since 1986, is venturing into the psychedelic world of Jimi Hendrix for it’s next installment. Hear My Train A Comin’ will feature a combination of Hendrix home videos and rare live performances, and premieres nationally on November 5th. If you love music, or just want to see rare footage of how Jimi got down, then this documentary is an absolute must see.

For the full article and trailer, click here

– Ryan

P.S. Jimi Hendrix wore some sweet ass hats.

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