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Marshawn Lynch & Gronk Playing Video Games With Conan Makes Me Want All Three Of Them To Be Best Friends

This is incredible on so many levels. Conan is the best late night host, whether it’s monologue or just hanging with athletes or celebrities.

  • Gronk and Marshawn Lynch need to immediately become best friends and real life and have some kind of reality show where they play video games all day. Invite Conan over on the weekends to drink beer and watch TV and eat life size bags of skittles.
  • Watching Gronk in this video made me realize I’ve never seen him in front of a camera where he knows what’s going on. He has a constant ‘deer in the headlights’ look that accompanies him everywhere except on the football field.
  • Conan’s touchdown celebration is all time.
  • Gronk and Marshawn not knowing what Lipitor is, and Gronk thinking it’s Viagra is the most believable thing in the world.
  • 11 minute is way too short of a segment with these three. I demand a part two!

– Ryan