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Some Guy Rode A Moose While It Was Walking In A Lake

You probably read that headline and thought “what the hell is this about?” but I can honestly say this is the most accurate headline I’ve ever put on a blog post. This is literally a video of a guy riding a moose that’s walking in a lake. It’s glorious, and I’m assuming this is Canada, because Canadians ride mother fucking moose now. I wrestled my masked friend in my other’s friends parent’s garage this weekend. And this guy rode a moose. Some things can’t be explained.

– Ryan


This Moose Family Is Having An Absolute BLAST Playing Around In A Sprinkler

Slow Clap (Citizen Kane)


What a roller coaster of a week. First the world’s tallest cow dies, and now a moose family is having the most fun I’ve ever seen anyone have frolicking through a sprinkler. The internet can break your heart sometimes, but they always come back with a family of moose playing in a sprinkler. Impossible to have a bad weekend now.

– Ryan


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