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Gronk Is Helping Mojo Rawley Get Ready ForĀ #WrestleMania With Chops and Shouts of Encouragement


Rob Gronkowski is a professional football player. Mojo Rawley is a professional wrestler. While they’re both insane and freakishly talented, they also happen to be best buds. The NFL season is over, but the biggest part of Mojo’s year is just beginning as he gets ready to head to WrestleMania as part of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. What’s the best way to get ready for that match, you ask? My vote is the Gronkowski method, which involves constant slaps to the chest and angry shouts of encouragement. The best part is that this is definitely not an act. I can picture Mojo and Gronk working out like this just as easily as I can picture them grocery shopping the exact same way. ‘Get those bananas, Mojo! You gotta stay hype with the potassium!”


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