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Trailer Alert – The Last Jedi

Trailer Alert – The Last Jedi

WARNING: This trailer contains potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you’d like to go into The Last Jedi fresh, then skip this trailer and just watch the first trailer to help ease your nerves. Having said all that….THIS TRAILER FUCKS. I am beyond hyped for this. Like more excited than I was for Episode VII. That’s REALLY excited. So excited that I may try to stuff myself into an industrial sized freezer so. I can be preserved and then thawed for the premiere of this film (A la Eric Cartman waiting for the Nintendo Wii).

Does this look something you’d want to see? …What a stupid question, of course it is. The question is how many times will you see it? Me, I’m going to see it at least 3 times (regular, 3D and IMAX 3D). That should hold me over until I can watch the blu-ray extras so many times that the disc breaks in a million pieces.


Trailer Alert – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Wow, just wow. Just when I thought these trailers couldn’t possibly be any better, without giving away major plot points, they go and drop this right on my dome. I know I embellish a lot of trailers on here for the sake of humor, but I dare you to watch this (being a true fan of the series) and not get a tingle up your spine.  They rode the line just right during the promotion of this movie. Left A LOT to the imagination and let nostalgia do the talking. Let’s hope this is the last thing to come out of JJ’s arsenal until the release date. I have a really good feeling about this cast.


Apparently It’s Ditka Day on Monday Night Football



Haunting to say the least.


PS- Schefter looks like a total nerd and Tom Jackson rocks it the best.

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