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SNL Has It’s Hosts Lined Up For November & They’re Predictably Wonderful

SNL’s Line Up For November

SNL on Twitter.

We already knew Larry David & Miley Cyrus would be the host/musical guest for this Saturday’s show, but now Saturday Night Live has announced the hosts and musical guests for the next two shows as well. Tiffany Haddish (The Carmichael Show, Girls Trip) & Chance The Rapper will be making their hosting debuts, and they’re accompanied by some power house musical guests. Taylor Swift & Eminem are as big time as it gets for musical guests, and might even appear in a sketch or two. With Haddish and Chance The Rapper making their hosting debuts, 4 out of the first 6 hosts for season 43 will have been first timers.


My Favorite Sketch From Miley Cyrus’s #SNL: Bar Talk

It’s usually not a good sign when the best sketch (or at least my favorite sketch) doesn’t involve the host, but I actually liked this episode. Miley Cyrus is a weird host, because she’s a weird person, and sometimes she tries to push her ‘edginess’ too far. I get she’s transition from child star Hannah Montana to early 20’s Miley Cyrus, but sometimes it’s a little much. Her musical performances were odd if not touching, and she did a pretty good job as host as well. I liked the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and Kyle Mooney marriage bits, but my favorite sketch was easily ‘Bar Talk’. Kate McKinnon does a great Hillary Clinton, and although the character is still in it’s early stages, she and Hillary had a great back and forth during this sketch. The gay marriage bit was the most important part, especially since McKinnon is SNL’s first openly gay cast member to come out while still a member of the current cast. Hillary’s trump impression was funny too, and although I have no clue who I’ll be voting for in the presidential election, it’s good for the candidates to show their human side. Overall a good but not great episode, but with Amy Schumer & Tracy Morgan on tap, SNL should be hitting it’s stride sooner rather than later.


It’s That Time Of Year Again: SNL Has Announced It’s First 3 Hosts For Season 41

The end of summer signifies a lot of beautiful things (football!) but my personal favorite might be that SNL returns. A weekend filled with SNL on Saturday night and football all day Sunday is the only weekend there should be, but unfortunately the summer robs us of both. Well the summer is almost over, and SNL is coming back with a bang. One of the most talented two way performers in Miley Cyrus is hosting the season debut, followed by the red hot Amy Schumer, who will be followed by former cast member Tracy Morgan. That is a murderers row of talented people to start a season. Cyrus is the only one who doesn’t have sketch comedy experience, but she’s hosted before and is always down to do whatever is asked. Schumer has her own sketch show, and while it’s not in front of a live audience, she clearly knows comedy and is going to kill it. Tracy Morgan is the most surprising name on the list, but after his accident, it’s awesome to see Lorne invite him back to the stage that made him a household name. October 3rd can’t come soon enough.


Things Are Gonna Get Weird: Miley Cyrus Is Hosting The MTV VMA’s

I can’t remember the last time I actually watched the VMA’s, but I have to imagine this kind of big news for people who do. MTV’s target audience probably isn’t a 27 year old male who watches wrestling, but for Miley Cyrus fans, she has now multiple chances to be as weird as possible. What I’d like is for some web site to get some prop bets going on this. 5/2 odds that she comes out with a broomstick up her ass or 6/4 odds that she just comes out naked. I’d take the shit out of those odds. Maybe she’ll sing, too? That seems like it’s a little too normal for her but I guess you never know with Miley. She’s an enigma.

– Ryan

Music Monday: Miley Cyrus – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon Cover from #SNL40)

One of the lesser talked about moments from SNL 40 earlier this month were the musical guests. While Paul McCartney, Paul Simon and Kanye West chose to play their own songs, Miley Cyrus used her time to pay tribute to one of the most influential musicians to appear on SNL, Paul Simon. Her cover of ’50 Ways To Leave Your Lover’ was great, and proves that behind all the crazy antics, Miley can straight up sing when she wants to.

– Ryan

Twitter News Weekly – Chelsea Clinton, NBA & NHL Playoffs, Miley Cyrus

-The Average Nobodies

Mac Miller – “Youforia”

Awesome video, awesome song, talented guy. Can’t deny that Mac Miller makes some great music. Before I started my sick love obsession with Norah Jones his song, “Missed Calls”, was top played on my iTunes by far! Looks like his concerts would be a blast to attend.

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