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Trailer Alert – Thank You for Your Service

Movies that explore the effects of PTSD on returning soldiers aren’t a new concept, but in today’s world it’s one of the more important stories to tell. Thank You for Your Service attempts to do just that, with Miles Teller in the lead as a serviceman who returns home and is expected to return to a life of normalcy after literally going through war. The trailer is riveting, and Teller is one of my favorite actors, as is Haley Bennett, who was wonderful in Girl on the Train & The Magnificent Seven. This is also the directorial debut of Jason Hall, who wrote American Sniper, which earned him an Academy award nomination. Thank You for Your Service will premiere on October 27.


Trailer Alert: Bleed For This

Miles Teller has been on one HELL of a hot streak, besides that abortion they called a Fantastic 4 movie. To be fair, he wasn’t even CLOSE to the worst thing about that movie. Anyway, Miles Teller trades drumsticks for boxing gloves for what looks to be his next big role. Miles plays Vinny Paz, a boxer, and nut case, from my home state of Rhode Island. He’s a legend in these parts and this movies looks like it will further solidify his place in history as one of the great American boxers (/nut cases). I probably watched this trailer 20 times before I blogged it. You’re not American/A living, breathing human if you don;t like a good comeback story.

You better believe i’ll have my ass in a seat the weekend it comes out. MattStar review to follow.


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