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Who Won E3? – W/ Jessica Chobot of Nerdist

Sadly, E3 is pretty much over for 2015. Here is who Nerdist thinks won the entire shindig. Do you agree?

Coming from a place where I have both the PS4 and a WiiU, I felt a multitude of emotions after E3 ended. I was extremely excited for the games coming to my PS4 (Fallout 4), I was sad that Nintendo didn’t release more 1st party stuff that wasn’t for the 3DS (WHERE ZELDA AT?!), and I was jealous that I don’t currently own an Xbox One because that HoloLens shit looked DOPE (I secretly want to be Tony Stark). I have to agree with Nerdist on this one though, while Microsoft brought all the sick hardware, and backwards compatibility, Sony brought the one thing gamers really want, games. A new Uncharted, The Last Guardian, and a long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy 7 headlined the show, while the kickstarting of Shenmue 3 and the announcement of Fallout 4 really got Playstation owners excited for their gaming future. Would I have liked to see more hardware for the PS4, like their Morpheus VR headset? Sure, but the games sufficiently filled and satisfied my inner gamer.

It’s an exciting time to game!


Tech Tuesday – Nokia Joins The Tablet Market

Some people call the Nokia 2520 the first Windows tablet, but I feel that distinction should go to the Surface RT. Even though the Nokia will run Windows 8 RT, I still feel the Surface is more a tablet than a full on laptop (although their commercials would like you to think differently).


So why get the Nokia 2520 over the Surface? Well, for one it is a lot thinner, coming in at just shy of 9mm. It comes with 32gb of internal storage with options for 32gb more via micro sd card slot. The 2520 is also sporting a 10.1″ 1080p displays that is protected by Gorilla Glass. You get a very “HTC One” like audio experience with it’s front facing speakers, and from reviews i’ve seen they sound pretty good. It is LTE compatible, so you need not worry about Wifi while on the go.


Who will buy the Nokia 2520? At $499 probably the same people who are buying the Surface RT and the people who have Windows smart phones. One of the big selling points, especially in the video above, is that it works pretty seamlessly with your other Nokia smart devices (smart phones specifically). This shows Windows finally catching up to the whole “ecosystem” approach to people’s personal tech. I think it’s still well behind iOS and Android, but it is finally making a push. Nokia makes some great hardware and Microsoft has designed a great looking mobile os. Now if they could only get more developers to want to spend time writing code for them!


PS- Microsoft and Nokia love those clip-on keyboards. Personally I think they are horrible to use.


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