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Mickey Easterling’s Memorial Service Sounds Like It Was a Real Hoot

SourceFriends and family of Mickey Easterling are saying their final farewells to the well-known New Orleanian.

The philanthropist, socialite and proud Louisiana native passed away last week at the age of 83.

More than a thousand people attended her larger than life memorial service, with Mickey just as she wanted to be remembered… causally sitting on an iron bench, wearing a magnificent hat with a glass of champagne in one hand and a cigarette holder in the other.

“She`s in a Leonardo outfit,” says Sammy Steele who did Mickey’s hair and make-up. “And I actually dressed her tonight for the occasion.”

It`s no secret Mickey loved to be the center of attention.

But she always turned that attention into helping people in need.

“She touched so many different people. She made such a contribution in our city, to arts and the community,” says Steele.

“Mickey is known for throwing some of the most memorable New Orleans party`s.

“One specific one I remember was the one she gave for Lena Horne.

“It’s like something out a department store window in New York. On 5th Ave.,” says Steele referring to how Mickey’s memorial service was planned by her ahead of time, “This is what she requested. She`s sitting in a garden scenery to depict her back yard. This is what she wanted. No stone was left unturned for this memorial.”

“She looks wonderful,” says one bystander. “She looks just like Mickey.”

Mickey is a Graduate of Mt. Carmel Academy.


Well this is horrifying. Nothing like going to a memorial service for someone and having their corpse on display in full decorative garb. I’ve never been to New Orleans but for some reason this doesn’t sound out of the ordinary for people down there. If a thousand people showed up for this memorial service and had a party then it leads me to believe that this is a normal occurence in New Orleans. Maybe it’s just a Northeast thing but I’d feel uneasy being in the same room as the corpse of the person I was there to memorialize. I will admit that Mickey had one hell of an oufit on though. That pink boa is gasoline injected fire. Now I can add a corpse to the list of things that are better dressed than me. Happy Monday indeed.

– Ryan

Rutgers AD Used to Call Her Players “Whores” and “Alcoholics” and 16 Years Later They’re Pissed

So I was going to write a blog about how this idiot shouldn’t be the Rutgers AD, especially after the whole Mike Rice thing. Then I started thinking why did she care in the first place, what’s the big deal with sexual promiscuity and binge drinking, especially in college? Some of the greatest athletes of all time did these things on a regular basis and long past their college years.

I wanted to put my own take on this story, but I found an article that beat me to the punch and if we’re being totally honest there’s no way I can top it so I’m just going to totally rip off his hilarious list. But honestly, all the credit goes to Ben Mathis-Lilley over at buzz feed.

1. Babe Ruth: King Of Home Runs And Venereal Disease.


2. Tiger Woods: Stopped Winning Majors After Ending His Affair With A Perkins Waitress


3. Wilt Chamberlain: Scored More Than Just Basket-Hoops: He claims to have slept with over 20,000 women, All I can say is Holy Crap.


4. Mickey Mantle: Boozed-Out Man-Skank : Says his favorite memory is catching a beej under the stands.


5. Antonio Cromartie: Can’t Remember All His Childrens’ Names Which Is Actually A Lot More Tragic Than Funny


6. Charles Barkley: Told Officer Arresting Him For DUI That He Was In A Hurry To Get A Blow Job


7. Pheidippides, The Original Marathoner :


Did he die at the end of his 26-mile run from the plains of Marathon to Athens because he was tired, or because he was incredibly wasted? And why wasn’t he wearing pants? It’s no coincidence Greeks basically invented sports AND wine AND pansexual orgies.

-Sean Lite-

Like I said in the beginning Ben Mathis-Lilley over at buzzfeed totally ripped off my list but just cause I’m a nice guy and like to spread the wealth you can find his version here.

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