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In What Has to Be The Worst Case Scenario For Anything, A Russian Man Gets Beat Up By People Dressed As Cartoon Characters

This is legitimately terrifying. You get out of car to confront a driver and all of a sudden a slew of people dressed as cartoon characters come from around the other side of the car and start beating on you. The only thing greater than the physical pain in this situation is the mental scarring. Getting punched and kicked by Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob, among others, has to be a big hit to your ego. Your entire life these were the good guys, lifting up your spirits when you needed a boost. Now they’re kicking your ass on the side of the highway. Weird, wild stuff. My favorite part of this video was the way the characters creeped around the side of the car to confront the guy. At that point you just have to chalk up your night as a loss and live to fight another day.

– Ryan

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