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Mankind & Will Friedle Reunited At Comic Con & It Was Glorious #BoyMeetsWorld #WWE

If you were between the ages of 10-16 during the 90s and early 2000s, there’s a solid chance you watched WWE or Boy Meets World (or if you’re super cool like me, you watched both). On one magical episode of Boy Meet World, the world of pro wrestling invaded the world of the Matthew’s family and gave us a pretty memorable moment:

As a fan of the WWE, seeing one of their wrestlers on a popular cable TV show was pretty awesome, and it goes to show you how popular WWE was in the late 90s. They employed a lot of larger than life personalities, and some of those personalities were able to cross over into mainstream pop culture. 18 years later, Mick Foley (who portrayed the Mankind character) met back up with Will Friedle (who played Eric Matthews) and all my childhood memories came rushing back:

If Eric Matthews shows up on Raw, I might lose my mind.


Mick Foley & Daniel Bryan Are The General Managers Of #RAW & Smackdown Live

Raw was live from Providence, RI last night and as always, the Average Nobodies were in attendance. It was a really solid show, with a fun opening segment, a great 12 man tag match in the middle and a fantastic title match to close the show. The main reason(s) the opening segment was so much fun is because Stephanie and Shane McMahon named their GM’s for Raw and Smackdown live. Leading up to the show, I had a feeling that the GM’s would be fan favorites, and the picks did not disappoint. First, Stephanie introduced Mick Foley as the new GM of Raw, and the building went nuts. Foley’s reaction paled in comparison to Shane’s pick though, as Daniel Bryan was introduced as the GM of Smackdown live. The last time Raw was in Providence, Daniel Bryan got one of the best crowd reactions I’ve ever been apart of live, so it’s not a surprise people went bonkers for him last night. As far as the actual picks for GM’s go, I couldn’t love them more. One of the most understated reasons NXT is so great is William Regal. He’s a fair, logical authority figure who enhances the product and has zero ego. As fun as Steph & HHH are at times, they do more to put down talents, whether it be verbally or physically, and let their ego get in the way of enhancing the show. With Foley and DB, WWE now has two authority figures who fans already have an invested relationship with, and who can relate to the wrestlers in a way that will make for compelling television. If the writing teams can get their acts together, this brand split could be one of the best things WWE has done in a long time. Smackdown Live should be must see TV, and I can’t wait to see who ends up where.


Mick Foley Showed Up On #RAW To Gift Dean Ambrose An Old Friend For His Street Fight Vs. Brock Lesnar

Dean Ambrose is in for the literal fight of his life at WrestleMania. He’ll be fighting Brock Lesnar, but not just in any old wrestling match; he’ll be fighting Brock Lesnar in a no holds barred street fight. If that sounds psychotic, that’s because it is. A street fight evens the odds for a lot of guys, or in someone like Mick Foley’s case, turns the odds in his favor. When he met then WWE Champion HHH in a street fight at Royal Rumble 2000 as Cactus Jack, it seemed to help Foley more than HHH. Hunter was the champ and was beating everyone in his path, but throwing the rules out the window adds a certain instability to a match that could really affect the outcome. Unfortunately for Ambrose, adding this stipulation might do him more harm than good. The only thing scarier than fighting Brock Lesnar is fighting Brock Lesnar with a chair, or stairs, or a kendo stick, or whatever other deranged weapon he can find and LEGALLY use. While Lesnar is getting ready to maul Ambrose, Mick Foley showed up with some words of advice and a late Christmas present last night on Raw: a barb wired baseball bat. Will this even the odds for Ambrose, or will Lesnar rip the bats from his hands and perform a live version of Negan and Glenn in Dallas? WM is the same night as The Walking Dead finale, so don’t rule anything out.


Mick Foley Got Ejected From A Chicken Wing Eating Competition For Stuffing Uneaten Wings In His Fanny Pack

FOLEYProfessional wrestling star Mick Foley has been ejected from Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl eating contest after stuffing uneaten chicken wings into a fanny pack in an attempt to increase his total.

People following Friday’s event on social media dubbed Foley’s antics “inflate gate,” a play on the Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots’ deflated football controversy.

Mick Foley is a legend. He’s been thrown off cells, thrown through cells, lit on fire, fallen on thumb tacks, had his skin shredded with barbed wire and written multiple best selling books. Am I surprised Mick Foley wore a fanny pack to a wing eating competition? No. Am I surprised he stuffed uneaten chicken wings into his fanny pack in an attempt to win the competition? No. Mick Foley plays by his own roles. That’s what a lifetime of kicking ass gets you: a do whatever the hell you want badge where you can do whatever the hell you want wherever you want. Mrs. Foley’s baby boy may not be able to eat the most chicken wings, but I guarantee he was the most person insane person at that competition.

– Ryan

I’m Here To Set The Record Straight About Separated Shoulders


Demaryius Thomas managed to set the Super Bowl record for receptions, despite sustaining a separated shoulder in the first quarter.

Ok, so this story about D. Thomas playing through most of the Super Bowl with a separated shoulder is just starting to gain steam on the interment, and while the feat is a testament to the mental and physical toughness of this tremendous athlete I need to set the record straight.

He didn’t throw himself off a steel cage and through a table to separate the shoulder, and then, after fighting his way off a stretcher, climb back to the top of the cage (fucked up shoulder and all) to get choke slammed through the cage onto his back. He just didn’t. Apples and oranges. This might be the only spot in WWE history that Vince had no part of that made the show BETTER…….Who am I kidding, Vince knows everything.


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