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Trailer Alert – American Assassin

If you’re asking yourself ‘what would a movie directed by a guy who directs forĀ Homeland and written by a guy who writes for The Americans’ look like then you’ve come to the right place. American Assassin was directed by Michael Cuesta and the screenplay was written by Stephen Schiff, and it really does look like the coolest and most bad ass version of both Homeland and The Americans. Also, I’m now more envious of Dylan O’Brien than anyone else on planet Earth. Imagine being cast in a movie where Michael Keaton is your spy/secret assassin trainer? That sounds like a dream I definitely have every night. Release date is TBD, but there’s nothing TBD about my plans to watch the shit out of this movie.


Trailer Alert – The Founder

To reel me in, all this movie needed to do was put Mike Keaton’s face on a poster with text below it reading “come see this movie”, and I would have my ass in the seat opening night. Michael Keaton as a milkshake machine salesman turned ruthless businessman? I’m in every day of the fucking week and twice on Sundays. Here’s the thing, I always preferred a good comic book to any kind of reading growing up. But, if I HAD TO read a regular book it was almost always something autobiographical. I love the true stories of people’s lives. Inspires me to the fullest.


Cut For Time Michael Keaton SNL Sketches Are The BEST SNL Sketches

Michael Keaton had some of the most memorable moments of the 40th season of SNL, so there is no wonder why some really funny sketches needed to be cut. Thank god for the internet.


My Favorite Sketch From Michael Keaton’s SNL: ‘Easter Candy’

Everyone should have known Michael Keaton was going to be fantastic as the host of SNL, but he exceeded my expectations. Keaton has the two things that are necessary to be an excellent host, and they were both on display Saturday night: he has excellent comedic timing and he doesn’t take himself seriously. The second thing seems kind of obvious, but a lot of celebrities come on and won’t throw themselves into characters because their afraid of damaging their own egos, but not Keaton. He played wacky characters all night, but none were weirder than himself in the final sketch of the night. ‘Easter Candy’ was like a deranged version of a Mr. Rogers Easter Special, and Keaton plays himself going through an Easter basket with his assistant/maybe wife Portia. Bobby Moynihan shows up halfway to make a poop noise and it’s just so weird and so wonderful. The best part about SNL is that after FORTY YEARS on the air, they’re still not afraid to get weird. It amazes me that at 70 years old Lorne Michaels is still in tune with his writing staff and let’s them be as wacky as they want. They could easily put out safe sketches and a get a few laughs, but they’re never afraid to go for the home run and just blow you away. I also wish I was in the writers room for this sketch, because I’ve always wanted to know how much the writers wrote and how much the host added his own style to it. The writers definitely came up with all of the jokes, but I have to imagine Keaton created the voice, and his facial expression after he told the audience he gave up cocaine for Lent was amazing. This is Keaton’s first time hosting since 1992, so I can’t imagine he’ll be back soon, but anytime he’s on that stage SNL is in good hands.

– Ryan

Michael Keaton Hosts SNL This Weekend For The First Time Since 1992

It’s kind of amazing that Michael Keaton has only hosted SNL twice. He came up as a standup comedian, and was one of the bigger movie stars in the 80s and early 90s. He was BATMAN. He was multiple Michael Keaton’s in Multiplicity. Hopefully Keaton can bring a similar energy to The Rock and SNL can keep on rolling, but that’s doubtful. Keaton is more of a composed type of comedic actor, which I know the writing staff is aware of and hopefully they can create some fun sketches that play on his strengths. His promo’s call back pretty much everything he’s ever done, including the aforementioned Batman and Multiplicity movies. Will we get a Birdman sketch? I think so!

– Ryan

Michael Keaton & Taraji P. Henson Will Host The Next Two Saturday Night Lives’

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I’m sure Taraji P. Henson will be a great host, as she gets rave reviews on Empire and she’s been solid in movies for almost 20 years now, but Michael Keaton is the big coup here. This will be Keaton’s third time hosting, and he’s fresh off being nominated for every acting award under the sun in Birdman. He’s one of those guys who you don’t automatically assume is funny, but if you go back and look at his work, almost all of it has some kind of smart humor in it. His most recent comedic turn was probably in Birdman and The Other Guys, but movies like Multiplicity and Beetlejuice show off his funny side as well. With The Rock hosting this Saturday, we’ve got three new SNL’s in a row, which will probably be followed by a few week break before season 40 ends sometime in May. Fingers crossed for a Jon Hamm season finale.

– Ryan

Adam Sandler Was on ‘Conan’ Last Night & Told A Pretty Epic Michael Keaton Story

Adam Sandler has been on fire lately, and hisĀ string of funny appearances continued last night when he visited Conan. Between this story, the SNL 40 digital short and the Bob Barker skit, he’s had a solid couple of weeks. This story is great for so many reasons, but none more than pulling the Batman trump card. Only a handful of people have ever portrayed Batman, so if those people are ever in an argument, especially over who should pay the bill, the Batman card trumps everything. That might be the most powerful trump card in the game. I can picture Keaton or Clooney or Christian Bale arguing with their friends about where they should go onĀ a Friday night, and after all their friends pick their spot, they jump in with the ‘I’m Batman’ trump card and it’s settled. Actually, that probably doesn’t happen. Everybody knows Clooney has fancy naked parties at his house in Lake Como. Anyway, we didn’t need another reason to love Michael Keaton, but he just gave us one.

– Ryan

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