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Trailer Alert: Spider-Man Homecoming

So for those that don’t know, the story of Spider-Man is…actually, if you don’t know the story of Spider-Man in 2017 AND you’re reading this blog post, I’m not the guy to tell it to you. What I will say is that this trailer looks awesome, and Tom Holland is better in 2+ minutes here than Tobey Maguire was in three movies (bring it on, internet). This movie picks up where Captain America: Civil War left off (thanks IMDB) and follows Peter Parker’s typical male teenage lifestyle of being a high school student who is also a Spider Man trying to save the world from bad guys like Michael Keaton. In addition to Keaton, Spider-Man Homecoming boasts an impressive cast featuring Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Man of Iron) Marisa Tomei (Aunt May) Donald Glover (no idea) and Hannibal Buress (Coach Wilson).

Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters July 7th.


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