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Professional Strongman Michael Gill Felt It Was Necessary To Explain Why Braun Strowman Couldn’t REALLY Flip A 14,000 Pound Ambulance

With experience flipping cars, Gill made comments on the WWE’s video saying, “There is no way a human could flip an ambulance. The amount of force necessary could be calculated by a physicist, but it would be crazy.”

Also, as pointed out earlier, Gill talks about the design of an ambulance and how it’s made to avoid rolling, “Given the fact that most of them are also designed to not flip on their side during high speed driving would also make it a more daunting task.” – Bar Bend

On Monday’s Raw, Braun Strowman was involved in one of the greatest segments in Raw history. He repeatedly attacked Roman Reigns backstage, flipped him off a dock while he was strapped to an ambulance and then flipped the ambulance on it’s side while Reigns was inside. If you’re the type of person that needs to be told that Braun Strowman – Normal Human Being, can’t actually lift up a 14,000 pound ambulance and flip it on it’s side, I’m not sure what to tell you. Braun Strowman did not actually flip an ambulance over, and Michael Gill didn’t need to chime in to confirm that for us. The WWE specializes in sports entertainment, and just like Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t actually fly around in an iron suit, Braun Strowman can’t actually flip ambulances over. Actually, that’s a bad comparison. RDJ definitely has an iron suit. Either way, just enjoy the goddamn show.


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